The New Rules of Business & 
Social Media Success

Overwhelmed by the Pressure to Do More with Social Media?
Then This Event Is For You.

Learn to put fun into your marketing for more meaningful results. This event goes beyond simply putting more information on your already over-flowing plate. It will reconnect you with the passion that got you into business while providing direct experiences that will increase your skills, resources and capabilities.

Andrea and Jon embrace a wholistic approach that spans the perception gaps between profitability and creativity. Not only can you be fully human and completely successful at the same time, it all works better that way!

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This event is something completely different because YOU are something completely different.
This event provides an approach to business that you can whole-heartedly embrace and enjoy.

“Andrea is an insightful, smart, productive, collaborative and incredibly fun coaching maverick that helped shape a much-needed new direction for the coaching profession.”

— Pamela Slim - Speaker, Author, "Escape from Cubicle Nation" & "Body of Work"

Communication Skills Trump Technology.

Ultimately, business is all about relationships. "The New Rules of Business and Social Media Success" puts YOU first as a human being. Then, it builds your marketing strategy from there based on humanistic values and step-by-step strategies that anyone can implement.

Concrete Deliverables. Real Results for You.

This playshop includes multiple take-away "playsheets" that will guide you through creating a manageable online marketing and business strategy, as well as your own video recordings of exercises and experiments that will enable you to begin creating an engaging video presence for your business.

My Personal Invitation to You

"This playshop has grown out of my relationship with Andrea, our work together, our mutual admiration and our friendship. It is also inspired by our sense of service and our desire to create a better world. It is one way for us to extend our sense of community and to model the kinds of business relationships that are not only possible but which make everyone we touch more engaged in life and the creative opportunities that business offers. I sincerely you will join us and drink in the value that will be offered." — Jon Leland