The New Media New Marketing Playground:
Grow Your Business with
Ease, Fun & Authenticity

Does online marketing and social media overwhelm you, confuse you, and cause you to get down on yourself because you're not doing "enough" and can't seem to get it "right"?

How would you like to have fun
while learning social media's best practices,
hand-in-hand with a small group of like-minded professionals, guided by a trustable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable leader
who encourages you every step of the way?

Led personally by Jon Leland


It's time to engage with social media and Internet marketing in a way that's beyond the "shoulds" and "have to's." It's time to let your creative horses run free!
I want to mentor you to succeed at New Marketing fueled by fun, curiosity, authenticity and ease. That way we will all enjoy the ride. ;)
The New Media New Marketing Playground is the latest expression of my more than 35 years as a new media pioneer and marketing communications professional. I have been educating businesses about digital media innovation since the early days of digital video and have lead workshops and given keynotes in New Zealand, Hong Kong and across the USA, written books and produced videos and webinars, all because of my passion as an “educational warrior” committed to Spanning the Grand Canyon Gap between people and technology.

I’ve created The New Media New Marketing Playground so that we can all (me included) have fun learning together, collaborating as I show you best practices, provide you with mentoring and consulting that you might not otherwise be able to afford. When you join this program, you will discover how social media marketing can feed your creative fires as we explore and experiment together with today’s leading edge marketing tools and techniques. With this kind of joyful fuel, your progress is guaranteed.

What is The New Media New Marketing Playground?
  • An enthusiastic and supportive learning environment led by a knowledgeable authority
  • A path of ease to learn about the latest and most effective strategies and techniques used by successful marketers for social media , online video, and Internet marketing
  • A safe, nonjudgmental online “Lab” where you can get mentoring and consulting from a true expert, get friendly feedback and where you are encouraged to experiment so that you will learn by doing
  • An on-going program structure (see below) where you will discover how you can authentically engage and attract your ideal tribe of collaborators, partners and clients
  • Customized and personalized interactive coaching that utilizes a leading edge online platform built around Google Hangouts (with no Google registration required) and recordings you can access at your convenience
Program Structure
  • Participate From The Comfort Of Your Own Home or Office: All Playground Sessions are provided by web-based presentations that include interactive, real time chat. Regardless of time zones, schedules or other responsibilities, this program is designed to provide empowering support in a way that works for you. Worried about missing the session or being unable to participate? No problem. Our students send their check-ins and questions ahead of time and I weave in the coaching support throughout the live online sessions. Then, you can listen to the recordings and hear personalized messages from me to you.
  • Scheduled “Office Hours” Sessions: The heart of the New Media New Marketing Playground are bi-monthly Office Hour sessions. Each session will include a Knowledge Transfer Segment and an interactive mentoring/consulting Q&A session. There will be two sessions each month on the first and third Wednesday of every month. All sessions are held Wednesdays 12:00noon to (roughly) 1:30pm PST.
  • Watch & Learn from Bi-Monthly Presentations: Each Playground Office Hour session will include a unique how-to, knowledge transfer demonstration of how I do my own Internet marketing. You will receive recommendations for best practices, tips, tricks, resources and more. The subject of each knowledge transfer session will be determined by the priorities set by the virtual community via the Private Facebook Group.
  • Session Recordings: All classes and group coaching calls are recorded and available for you to watch online at your convenience.
  • Extra Downloads: Tips, how to “recipes,” and resource links are provided by the Private Facebook Group and emails that are available only to Playground participants.
  • Learn and Collaborate with Other Community Members: Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners via our Private Facebook Group. Here you will be able to share what you are experiencing, ask questions and receive support directly from me on an on-going basis, and we will all celebrate your successes together!
  • Personalized Consulting: Rather than pay $300/hour for my consulting, you will receive guidance during our interactive group presentations as well as via the Private Facebook Group. You will not only have opportunities to get direct feedback and recommendations but you will learn valuable lessons as I coach others.
  • Easy Accountability Systems: Progress sheets and personal support nurtures your commitment and energizes your momentum.

How Valuable is this Offer... Really?!?

When you join our virtual community you will get priceless support; clear, honest and authoritative education; consulting worth $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars & collaborators you just can’t find anywhere else. All for only $149/month or $129/month if I commit to six months. Are you kidding!?! No, I want this to be an offer you “can’t refuse.” ;)


  • I am a media innovator and technology pioneer who will inspire you, including with the unique, interactive platform I am assembling for the Playground. I thoroughly enjoy the exploration and love showing others how to leverage New Media and New Marketing.
  • I am a wisdom leader who makes ease and fun part of everything we will do together.
  • I am a true Internet marketing authority, author, speaker, teacher, consultant and workshop leader. My approach to Internet marketing strategy shows you how ALL the pieces fit together. Not just social media and video, but why those depend on human qualities like authenticity and vulnerability in order to have a lasting, sustainable impact.
  • The Playground will take a holistic approach to success. It's not just about the money. For me, meaningful success (including money) also incorporates an abundance of authentic connections and value services, contributions to the success of others. 

You are invited to Join our very special Collaborative Community
Yes, I want to help you make more money; but I also want you to have the satisfaction of making your businesses sustainable. We will only achieve this kind of wholistic success by creating and delivering offerings of real value. Then, and I believe only then, will we be able to build the kind of long term relationships that will help make this a better world. Thus, part of this holistic success is the love of collaboration and the juice that comes from supporting each other, the building of a network of success so that we are all winners. That kind of collaborative community is at the heart of the New Media New Marketing Playground.

If this all sounds good to you, please join us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What Reasons Do The People Who
Have Already Signed-up Give?

"I enrolled in the New Media New Marketing Playground because I trust Jon Leland's expertise and because I have found myself without a 'feel good' concrete way to move about in social media that is integrated and actually produces results for me. I feel the need for structured support on this."
 — Suzanne Falter, author and successful online entrepreneur
"I decided to join the Playground because I am being called to get serious about and do more of my real work. I know that it's going to take courage to become more visible and more audible. I want to be guided in doing it well, and I believe that you and this group can help me feel safe as I take on this sacred challenge."
 — Jolina Karen, author, workshop leader

Be Mentored by a Leading Consultant & Strategist

"I think Jon knows better than anyone how to help businesses use the Internet as a powerful marketing tool. Wherever you are in the process of developing your Internet presence, Jon can tell you exactly what you should do next. He will enable you to take advantage of the latest (sometimes bewildering) array of tools, from blogs to Twitter, from Facebook and LinkedIn to YouTube videos. From my experience, Jon is the guy to call if you want to market your business more effectively; and, as a bonus, because of his openness, you will learn from a real visionary every step of the way.”
 — Christy S., author and business coach, Arizona

Get Valuable Guidance That Will Make a Difference

“Within the first 5 minutes of my phone consultation with Jon Leland of ComBridges, I had a page full of notes and a new vision for promoting my website. Jon used his gift for discussing technology in plain English to encourage me to make important additions to my online presence and changes to the actual infrastructure of my site. Within the first 5 days of that phone conversation I had taken almost every action that Jon recommended and as a direct result I have already seen an increase of over 100% in traffic and my sales are on the rise. We are currently implementing every note we received from Jon. I highly recommend Jon Leland and his team at ComBridges as an essential resource to any web professional.”
 — Corinna M., entrepreneur, New York


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Paying for six months at a time is the best value, not only because of the significantly lower cost per month, but because you will be committing to (at minimum) a six month process. You will get six months of valuable mentoring, content and collaboration for only $129/month. After six months, you can decide if you want to renew for another six months (at this same rate); and if you do renew (as long as you are one of the first ten members), you will continue to receive this extremely low rate.

If you want to see how it goes, you can commit to only one month at a time.

Become part of The Playground for only $149/month and you will get valuable mentoring, content and collaboration one month at a time, with an auto-renew that you can cancel at any time with 30-day notice.

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

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