Google’s Great is the Greatness of Change

An Addendum to my post below… The greatness of Google’s accomplishments are in way they are re-inventing media and advertising. “Changing the way… ” as quoted here: “They’ve come up with a new product that is changing the way people are advertising,” said ThinkEquity analyst John Tinker. “They are changing the way people are doing business.” Source: Reuters: “Google’s ‘sea-change’ sets stock sailing”

Google the Great Gets Greater

Sure. I know that you don’t measure the true value of a company by it’s market cap. And, of course, I know that profits aren’t everything. But, a 7x increase in net earnings ain’t bad. And, you better believe that pay-per-click search engine advertising is MAJOR (even though, full disclosure, it’s part of my business. Managing Google AdWords campaigns is one of the services we offer.)

Just the same, Google’s latest earnings report is beyond impressive. So is their 45% search engine market share. (So is the fact that “Google” has become a verb.) So is the perspective of the book I’m reading, The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

It seems that Google in particular, and search in general, along with the financial fuel of search engine advertising are literally defining the next waves of e-business and e-experience, as well as what’s coming in every web surfer’s next “set” of waves… Stay tuned.

Capote Carves Creative Portrait of Imperfectly Human Creative Process

Wow. Amazing film. Extraordinary performances. I didn’t realize it was also about the birth of the non-fiction novel. A must see. A very richly textured, deeply human, multi-layered drama. Phillip Seymour Hoffman will certainly be nominated for the Best Actor Oscar, and will likely win. You won’t be disappointed. A great cinematic experience. Worth seeing in the theatre.

John Daly, We Love Him Cause He’s Us

How could he miss that putt? A mental error? Perhaps. A heart-breaking ending? For sure. Does it change the way that we love John Daly? Not really. After all, he did out drive the un-out-drivable, Tiger Woods on that first playoff hole. A heroic golfing feat in itself. I guess it’s time for another comeback, eh, John? You proved that you’ve got the right golf stuff. You also showed more than ever that you really are like me. It’s something that I might have done. But I’ll use the experience not to do it… Please God!

Worldwide golfer public sympathy was reflected in this report from Reuters including the headline, “Win or Lose, Wild Thing will always have the fans” and the perfect lead, “No other player in the game could have triggered wider public sympathy in the agony of defeat than people’s champion, John Daly.”

Or, you may also want to check out Tim Kawakami’s hearfelt rendition of the WGC-American Express Championships tragic ending in San Jose’s Mercury News.

Free Wi-Fi Becoming Urban Utility?

One minute Google is offering to provide free wireless Internet access (wi-fi) to the City of San Francisco, and then, faster than I can reboot my iBook, Philly announces that it’s building “the biggest municipal wireless Internet system in the nation.” Yeah man! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Why not treat Internet access the same way that you treat water or electricity, or maybe more accurately highway maintenance? Let the government pay for it and provide it as a public service. Now, that’s another trend worth getting behind. Right on.

Read all about it in the Washington Post

Google Grabs Sun for Open Source Alliance

I expect to post more on this later, but I can’t wait to applaud the new alliance between Google and Sun (whose CEO’s are shown here). Yes, Virginia, there is an alternative to Microsoft Office, and it’s called; and, yes, it’s a viable alternative to the wickedness of Word.

There’s much more to this story… For now, for an overview, here’s’s coverage. And, for those of you are are more hard core techies, here’s ZDNet’s more in-depth analysis.

I’ll just say for now, IMHO, this deal is encouraging for the future of computing; and (not to mention the Google Toolbar) are worthy of your attention.

When Will Wie Win?

She already has won. Not that I think she’s going to take all that endorsement money and run, but anybody who doesn’t think she’s going to prove herself on the LPGA as well as in a lot of other places, can step right up and I’ll take their bets. She’s a genuine star with genuine talent, a joy to watch, and with blessings such as she posseses, there’s no way she can be denied the winner’s circle.

Click here to read the NY Times commentary