TV on the Web Works Better Than TV on TV

Reuters reports that Disney says ABC free web TV a hit with consumers. Perhaps more significant than the 11 million program-views (like web pageviews) is the fact that there was better commercial recall (in fact, twice as much recall) for the same programs when shown FREE on the web, as is typical for broadcast television.

The revolution continues…

Web Video Trailblazer (Ze Frank) shows the web video his way

Things I like: originality, humor, the energy to commit to produce a web video five days a week (!), the ability to produce a daily web video that’s actually entertaining, humor, digital media pioneers.

See embedded video below and lotz of other entertaining stuff and an original site at: Thanks to the NYTimes for exposing this guy to me (and us).

Google’s Schmidt Shares

Thanks to Tim O’Reilly for pointing out the LA Times interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt (site registration required). More than any truly large company, I think Google is defining innovation in the 21st Century, and Schmidt seems to be a real straight-shooting, thoughtful individual. Worthy of respect and attention (beyond the hype.)

Windows & Mac OS Are About to Run Side-by-Side on the Same Mac

The Apple ad copy “It’s the only computer you’ll ever need” is coming more and more true, and I was sure this was coming. I’m glad to see it coming so soon…

CNet reports on a software called “Parallels” in Windows, Mac OS to run side-by-side.

MySpace Adding 240K New Subscribers/Day!

I knew MySpace was a major site growing very rapidly, but I didn’t realize that it’s pretty much off the charts. For example, did you know it’s the second biggest website on the web, solidly ahead of MSN, AOL, EBay & Google? MySpace generates roughly 30 billion monthly page views (10,593 per second) with users who are passionate enough to spend quite a bit of time there. TechCrunch has more data and links to the sources. Wow!

On-Demand is the Defining Trend of the Media Future

Beyond the hot, hot online video explosion is the fundamental disruptive concept of the digital media revolution: consumer empowerment… also known as on-demand media… essentially consumer-controlled media from Tivo-style personal video recorders (PVR’s) to podcasts to anything downloadable. In a nutshell, (as I’ve written for years), it’s the ability to watch or listen to what you want, when you want to (and in the case of podcasts, wherever you are). No longer are we slaves to the broadcasters’ schedules.

One of the things I like to do in this blog is to link to well-articulated perspectives that help people to understand the rapidly evolving media spaces. For example, today I am recommending ClickZ Network’s Sean Carton’s “Welcome to the On-Demand Future” which inspired the regurgitation above…

Dark Day: Net Neutrality Defeat & NSA Spys on MySpace

The Republican Congress did what many of us had feared and dealt a blow to Net Neutrality. Next the Senate will speak… Meanwhile, opponents of this move now include Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports.

And O’Reilly Radar quotes a report that reveals that the NSA may well be “funding research into the mass harvesting of the information that people post about themselves on social networks” (like MySpace). Beware!

Search Marketing Continues to Increase in Scope & Complexity

A new Jupiter Research report confirms what those of us who work in search marketing know, search marketing is rapidly growing its share of the business marketing mix, much of it is outsourced contract work, and the whole game (including tracking results, analytics, search advertising and organic search optimization) is becoming more complex. Read the Jupiter Research summary

Google Spreadsheet Spreads Brower-based Productivity

The race is on to deliver desktop quality productivity plus the enhancements of more web-based Web 2.0 interactivity like the real time sharing of documents than any desktop app can dream of… And, I think, with its various acquisitions, Google has taken the lead in this race. For example, they recently acquired the web-based word processing application Writely.

Next up, and soon to be released is Google Spreadsheets (click here to request an invitation to the public “beta”) which will give you Excel-like powers in a browser-based application.

Google’s Spreadsheet “Sneek Peek” preview is here.

John Markoff’s NY Times analysis is here.

YouTube Rockets to Dominant Lead in the Video Sharing Space

It’s amazing both how fast the video sharing sites are growing and how far the startup leader is, well, in the lead. The site just went live last December and is already kicking the asses of the likes of Google Video and Yahoo Video.

According to a Hitwise research study sited in this PCWorld report, “For the week ending May 20, YouTube nabbed almost 43 percent of all visits to video Web sites, while the video section of came in second with 24.2 percent.” The presumably bigger video search sites all lagged with less than 10 percent.

For more perspective, YouTube’s twenty-something, former PayPal employee founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley (shown here) offer a bit of their brief history and their insights in an interview by

Om Malik’s blog also has some interesting related stats in YouTube vs Yahoo.