Insights into Fox & Murdoch’s MySpace Video Mindset

Rupert Mudoch’s Fox big media conglomerate’s ownership of mega web upstart is not only controversial, but also apparently largely driven as a platform for video content. Illumination of this phenom appears in the AlwaysOn interview with Fox Interactive president Ross Levinsohn and in the BusinessWeek Online article, “Fox Feeds the Online TV Frenzy.”

Al Gore Attacks Big Media & Gets Funnier

I was pleased to see that the Associated Press reported today from the Edinburgh International Television Festival that Al Gore told it like it is (IMHO) about the damage that big media is doing to democracy. (I can’t help but wonder if you have to NOT be a candidate in order to talk truth to power?)

I also recently watched the TED video of Mr. Gore which was apparently a follow up (2nd appearance) to the “Inconvenient Truth” presentation he does in the movie of that name. I’ve never seen Gore this funny. He can actually be entertaining!

FYI, there’s also an entertaining interaction between Gore and none other than Tony Robbins in the Tony Robbins TED video. More on the free TED videos below.

Blogumentary, Video & Article Show Why WE ARE the Internet

I guess it was just a natural progression… Blogs, to viral movies about blogs, to blog posts about bloggie videos… The Lulu.TV video site is not bad either. And there’s more!

But if you really want to understand why we are the Internet, I highly recommend Kevin Kelly’s We Are the Web from Wired, August 2005. Seriously.

The Future of YouTube and User-Generated and/or Consumer-Supplied Video

It’s only postage stamp-sized video, but I don’t think you’ll find a better informed discussion of the state of “user-generated” and/or “consumer-supplied” video vs. professionally-produced and/or commercial video… and their emerging business/advertising models.

This is a session from the expensive AlwaysOn Stanford Summit; but on the Web, of course, it’s free. This session is preceptively moderated by Kara Swisher, staff reporter at the Wall Street Journal. It features YouTube (“100 million video clips/day”) CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley; the articulate & provocative Michael Robertson, founder of; as well as reps from Sony and Yahoo.
Watch the session video now

Google’s Matt Cutts uses Video to Reveal New Google “Webmaster Tools”

Google’s most visible blogger, information insider and upbeat educator, Matt Cutts has turned to video to explain neat new webmaster resources and tools that were announced at the recent SES (Search Engine Strategies) conference. Google Video even helped facilitate me posting this clip here. Watch and learn.

Note: this is just one in a recent series of informative Matt Cutts videos. More useful search engine marketing tips from the Google Source here. (For those new to Google Video, note the menu of videos down the right column.)

Awesome TED Videos for Free

I have fond inspirational memories of attending Richard Saul Wurman’s TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conferences in Monterey in the ’90s. Now you can taste some of this inspiration with short videos that have been posted free online. A remarkable opportunity.

I’m grateful to David Pogue of the New York Times for pointing these out in his blog: “These 18-minute talks–the first batch included Al Gore, Tony Robbins, and me (blush)–generated an incredible response, as well they should. To see them in person, you would have had to pay $4500 and flown out to Monterey, CA in February–IF you could get a ticket. (The TED conference sells out a year in advance.)… These are amazing, profound, funny, attitude-changing presentations, and I highly recommend that you take the time to watch ‘em.”

Watch the TEDTalks
(You can even subscribe to them via iTunes and put them, audio or video, on your iPod or other MP3 player.)