How Google Earth Killed Santa !

This arrived via the blogosphere… a geek humor goodie, all in good cheer.

Click here to read the sad but true story of how our world has changed such that our little ones are being given a new, albeit perhaps less magical view of so-called “reality” 😉

Merry merry and happy happy!

Video & You: Bigger Than Ever

I’ve been talking about how hot the online video business and content is getting for months, but it’s now beyond my comprehension. Not only are the Skype founders testing a new broadband video service and the NY Times is reporting a new online video service being put together by “a handful of giant media companies, like NBC Universal, the News Corporation, Viacom and possibly CBS,” but user-generated content a.k.a. “you” is the person on the year and the cover of Time magazine’s year end issue. The real story behind this is Web 2.0 and, of course, YouTube. For example, the article explains that last year users were downloading 10 million clips a DAY from YouTube. This year: 100 million video clips a day… read more of Time’s perspective… (including the list of related articles.)

Making Money on the Video Web

Any of you blog readers remember my Videography columns? Just curious. In any case, FYI for the rest of you, I’ve been writing about video on the web since the first streaming video vendors (in fact I consulted by VDONet which preceeded Real in terms of online video). Not that that’s important, but it’s nice to see the financial eco-system aka the online video marketplace coming of age to a point where people think there’s a business there. Of course, the biggest piece is the sale of movies, TV shows and other commercial forms of entertainment. But, as I’m found of saying, “stay tuned”… there’s more.

If you’re involved in the online video marketplace and its business potential, you’ll find this report about other research reports regarding the “MoneyTube,” Online Video Becomes a Real Business, to be of interest.