NYTimes Spotlights The Internet-to-Cable Comedy Incubator

I love this. More evidence of the power of putting video online. More creative freedom and opportunities for creative people. More media power to the people. More breaking up of the old guard media empires (oh yeah, they call those “disruptive technologies”), etc.

New York Times television “news” section calls its report: Online Yesterday, on Cable Today


Understanding Blogging 101

This dude, ChrisG, is getting some well-deserved viral buzz. He’s doing the blog thing well; and he’s explaining what, why and how he’s doing this blog thing well, all along the way.

I know many folks out there are scratching their heads trying to understand the whole blogosphere and viral marketing phenom. Well, Chris’ latest post, The Three Dimensions of Blogging: The Vital Combination Every Blog Must Have is as good an introductory summary, explanation and orientation as I’ve seen.

And since Chris is something of a blogging “guru” his site also offers many other resources as well. Most of all, check out how he walks his talk, the free e-book only after subscribing, etc etc.

Thanks, Chris. Great work.

Creating YouTube Video Channels, A Pro Explains His Search Engine Strategy

Toward the end of this interview on Beet.TV, Brad Inman of leading edge, yet professional internet video producer, TurnHere, gives the most credible explanation of why companies, corporations and other organizations should be creating their own YouTube channels. It’s all about search.

Finally, An Overview of Video Sharing Sites and Revenue Opportunities

I’ve been wanting someone to write this article. (Thanks to Beet.TV for the tip.)

A site called LightReading (which calls itself “the leading integrated business media company serving the telecommunications industry and other related next-generation communications markets”) has published Online Video: Show Us the Money which includes information on no fewer than 75 video sharing sites with mini-reviews of the Top 10 revenue sharing sites. It’s complete with comparison charts, and I recommend clicking on the “Print” link to get the whole report with charts embedded. You could really call this a white paper in the purest sense.

Great work. Thanks, Light.

Great Basic Search Marketing Tips

Here are some very important pointers that are also some of the most common mistakes made by websites who want to be found by the search engines, and especially for those who want their websites to rank well for targeted keyword phrases. (This is also known as search engine optimization, SEO or SEM.)


(FYI, my e-book on internet marketing for small business is coming “real soon”)

BTW, heads up for NonProfits… The organization who created the tips linked above, SEOClass.com is offering its workshop FREE for nonprofits only, this month only.

Build Your Own Social Network, The Buzz Du Jour

I made a post re the build-your-own-social-network platform Ning below, so this is just a small follow up because I couldn’t resist passing along TechCrunch‘s quote of the NYTimes quoting Ning’s founder, Marc Andreesen regarding Cisco’s buyout of social network-building company Tribe.

Andreesen said, “The idea that Cisco is going to be a force in social networking is about as plausible as Ning being a force in optical switches.”

Be careful out there… 😉