Digital Photographer Transcends Parkinson’s Disease

A buddy of mine just got written up in our local paper for his talented transcendence of what others view as a disability. In fact, he’s dealing successfully with nothing less than Parkinson’s disease. Why aren’t your photos in a gallery? Read Clear vision, shaky lens: Fairfax photographer hasn’t let Parkinson’s slow him down and be inspired by the “Movement Disorder, Tremor Enhanced Photography” of Alan Babbitt.

Fox Gets It: Free TV Shows on iTunes

While I find their news shows offensive, it’s not ironic that Fox should show up as progressive on the new media front (Murdoch bought MySpace after all.)

The latest deal is covered here: Fox strikes deal for free shows on iTunes

I particularly liked this comment by GGGlen: NBC vs Apple+Fox:

NBC content- loaded with commercials,
Apple+Fox- commercial free.

NBC content expires in one week,
Apple+Fox- keep it as long as you like.

NBC content excludes 25 million Mac users,
Apple+Fox-viewable on any platform capable of running iTunes.

NBC content excludes the #1 MP3 player on the planet (it’s not
compatible with the iPod line)
Apple+Fox- iPod friendly.

Apple+Fox? Find a way to expand on this, and let NBC join the
ever-growing list of failed “wannabees”.

The “Click Here” Link Text Debate is Over

One of my designers and I have had this discussion for a while. He thinks it’s too clunky to add the obvious “click here” text to website links. I think people respond better when you tell them what you want them to do. OK, I agree it’s less “cool”… less elegant even, but what works better, well, exactly, it WORKS better.

And, I’m always delighted to be proven right. (who isn’t?) So, I appreciated a link forwarded in an e-newsletter for web application developer pointing to this overview of the bottom line about “click here” text, “Does Telling Someone to “Click Here” Actually Matter?

This post includes the link to this original post from MarketingSherpa, “Test Results: Simple Word Change in Email Hyperlink Raises Clicks 8.53%”. Oh, I mean, click here for original post from MarketingSherpa. 😉

All of which reminds me of my favorite book on web interface/interactivity design which has one of the best titles ever: “Don’t Make Me Think”, click here to learn more

Obama’s Grassroots Support Shown in Web Traffic & more

If you use website traffic (rather than polls which are probably more scientific) as an indication of voter interest, then the latest Hitwise statistics show Barack Obama well ahead of his Democratic competition.

Like the rest, he’s also using YouTube, among other online grassroots techniques. For example, it’s an indication of the word-of-mouth impact that many of his traffic referrals come from email systems (which translates as individuals forwarding links.)

Along those lines, this video clip references his huge crowds as evidence of something more meaningful. Frankly, I’m encouraged. Maybe it really can be different this time? What do you think?

3 Tips to Save Money on PPC Search Advertising

I like it when two of the authorities on web marketing who I most respect get together. I’ve had personal contact with both Dr. Ralph Wilson and Catherine Seda (whose most recent book How to Win Sales and Influence Spiders looks excellent… I’ve not read it yet). Bottom line, like me, both of these people are committed to helping small and medium size businesses succeed with their internet marketing campaigns. This video offers three solid tips that are fundamental strategies. I know from experience that each of these will help you save money with PPC search advertising: