Revolutionary gPC is a $200 Web-facing Computer with no “Microsoft tax”

This makes so much sense it’s scary. A $200 computer, by Google, on sale NOW at WalMart that leverages the power of the Internet with browser-based and open source software (thus no “Microsoft tax”).

I might just be geeky enough to go out and buy one. We’ll see. Meanwhile, click here for details of the Everex gPC as covered by John Biggs in the NYTimes.

This kind of “webtop” computer has been a long time coming, but frankly I’m a bit surprised that it’s finally here. That said, in the world of the Web, surprises never cease. Bottom line, I agree with TechCrunch‘s comment, “The Webtop is going to be a classic disruptive technology, starting out cheap and at the margins, but slowly working its way up the food chain.