A New Way to Distribute Your Videos on the Web

What’s a video producer to do? We all want to have as many people as possible see whatever we produce… So should we upload our clips to MySpace, to YouTube, to Google Video, etc. etc. Or, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple web-based service that does this kind of distribution for us?

Well, now there is. It’s called Hey!Spread. Get it? They help you spread your video around the web.

It’s a basic, practical, straight-forward service (but you do need to set up accounts at the services you want them to populate with your clips) and most importantly, it’s immediately useful. I like that. 😉

Thanks to TechCruch for their mini-review of this service.

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  1. Shep007
    Shep007 says:

    I’ve used heyspread. It’s still in beta, and it shows. The service does work, but it handles problems very awkwardly. For example, if it can’t upload something it does let you know, but there’s no real way to easily fix the problem. You have to upload EVERYTHING again, after, say, fixing a bad password for a particular service. There’s no “my account” type concept, where you’re already logged in and it tracks what you’ve uploaded, etc. I assume they’ll get all this over time, but it’s not there now. Nonetheless, it does the basics pretty well.

  2. Jon Leland
    Jon Leland says:

    Thanks for your input, Shep! It seems that Heyspread offers some convenience, but it may be almost too simple at this point. Something of a short cut, but lacking in what might be called a full feature set for this kind of functionality. Hopefully, as you suggest, they will improve over time. I still like the concept, but agree re their current implementation. Thanks again for your feedback.

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