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Apple Back in the Spotlight

As a mac man and an Apple stockholder, it should be clear that I’m a fan of one of the most innovative companies in the history of technology. So, of course, I’m pleased to see Apple back in the spotlight as evidenced by the current cover story in Fortune magazine, How Big Can Apple Get?

Wired: The End of Radio… Really!

Right. Podcasting is just a piece of the replacement of radio by “on-demand audio.” Thanks to Tivo, podcasting and a slew of other digital technologies, combined with smaller, cheaper, faster electronics, media is finally coming into a new generation where we can see and hear what we want, when we want it. Thank goodness! IMHO, […]

More Kewl Podcast Links

OK. I promise. This is my last podcast post for a while. The “Marketing Diva” has her own take on the podcasting trend and her blog post includes a bunch of decent links to articles, resources, podcasts, Power Point presentations and more. Enuf said. Click here to dish with the Diva, Dahling!

Podcasting for Profits?!?

What is this? 1999? 😉 In the article, For a Start-Up, Visions of Profit in Podcasting NYTimes’ John Markoff stays sober in describing a mini-start up that’s making a move on the emerging market for podcasts. The most quotable quote, IMHO, attempts to provide perspective on how the leading commercial audio download service, Audible.com and […]

America’s Greatest Online Poker Player is 17

If you’re interested in online poker, you will likely enjoy this article from Sync magazine. I did, and I am. Watch for more in Media Mall’s online poker section soon (I hope). Click to read: America’s Greatest Online Poker Player

Easy Jump Start & Podcasting Pitch

Tinu Abayomi-Paul who writes for Search Engine Guide wrote a somewhat optimistic yet useful pitch, Why You’re Missing Out on Hundreds of Visitors If You Aren’t Podcasting which includes a link to her even more useful HowtoPodcast blog which includes a quite groovy little Flash movie, “The Easy Podcast Movie” which shows you how to […]

Blogs, Jeff Gannon, TV Clips from Bill Maher & Daily Show

The Blogosphere is starting to get to me… And I agree with some of the serious, yet humorous commentary below that the question of how a male prostitute got a White House Press Pass DOES deserve investigation… It’s also somewhat fascination to me that I found these video clips via the Bloglines Top Links, and […]

Podcasting Builds Momentum, Gets Defined

OK. I admit it. Maybe podcasting IS the beginning of the personalized webcasting that I wrote about for years in Videography. I was impressed with the NY Times coverage this weekend… snappy examples… Tired of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts Are Here. I take as a sign of emerging yet premature maturity 😉 that there are […]

Podcasting Maybe Bigger Than I Thought

According to this ClickZ article MP3 Player Adoption at Tipping Point, there are now 22 million Americans with iPod’s or other MP3 players and this market has reached a “tipping point” that is making it viable as a distribution platform. I’ll sure be amazed if podcasting takes off. Probably we just need more people with […]

SEO tip

Wanna know where you site is ranking on all the major search engines for a particular keyword term? Who doesn’t! Use the Marketleap Keyword Verification Tool. It’s easy as pie and they’ve got some other pretty nifty free tools up there as well. Enjoy.