Awesome TED Videos for Free

I have fond inspirational memories of attending Richard Saul Wurman’s TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conferences in Monterey in the ’90s. Now you can taste some of this inspiration with short videos that have been posted free online. A remarkable opportunity.

I’m grateful to David Pogue of the New York Times for pointing these out in his blog: “These 18-minute talks–the first batch included Al Gore, Tony Robbins, and me (blush)–generated an incredible response, as well they should. To see them in person, you would have had to pay $4500 and flown out to Monterey, CA in February–IF you could get a ticket. (The TED conference sells out a year in advance.)… These are amazing, profound, funny, attitude-changing presentations, and I highly recommend that you take the time to watch ‘em.”

Watch the TEDTalks
(You can even subscribe to them via iTunes and put them, audio or video, on your iPod or other MP3 player.)