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This blog is part of Jon Leland‘s commitment to “span the Grand Canyon gap between people and technology.” Posts cover a broad range of topics related to small business digital marketing, including video marketing, social media marketing & advertising, and email marketing.

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You Taught Me Well! Valuable Insights from Our Services Survey

First, I read a little ebook called "The Audience Revolution:…

Google SEO Update: Your Website MUST Be Mobile-Friendly & How Squarespace Might Help

Having Your Website Be Mobile-Friendly Is No Longer Optional I've…
Twitter withheld social graph access from Meerkat

Learning from Meerkat: If You Don’t Understand the Social Graph, You Don’t Get Social Media Marketing

The Social Graph is About Relationships, Not Followers Perhaps…

Have More Marketing Ease, Fun & Authenticity Whenever You Want With This On-Demand Webinar Video

The Humanistic Marketing Revolution continues... Last December,…

Why Being a Small Business Mentor Trumps Internet Marketing Consulting

As a small business owner, it's fascinating to watch my business morph over time. Recently, new offers like the 1-to-1 Get It Done Squarespace websites and the New Media New Marketing Playground group mentoring program have shown me more collaborative processes where I work with people directly and respond to their specific needs in a customized way.

New Special Webinar This Thursday: How to Have a Happy New Marketing New Year!

Are You Ready for a New Marketing New Year? I'm Cookin' Up Something…

Stress Less & Get It Done! Now, We Can Co-Create Your New Low-Cost Squarespace Website

"In less time than it takes to play a round of golf, we had…

New Talk Walker Video: Why Play & Storytelling Are New Marketing’s Leading Edge

Let the Good Times Roll! Play and storytelling are not generally…

Wonderful Revelations on the Way of Play & the Path to Community & Collaboration

Finding Freedom I think we've all felt the frustration of feeling…

How Authentic Value Is Bringing New Fire to My Marketing

Jay Baer likes to remind us that:Content is fire, social media…

Announcing a New Way to Have Fun & Get Better at Online Marketing

It has been a dream of mine to offer an on-going education and…

Are You Missing the Boat on Online Video Advertising?

[A Quick Catch Up on Online Video's Reinvention of Advertising]As…

3 Videos That Inspired My Business & My Life Last Week

Ready for take off? It feels that way to me. Astrologers tell…

Getting Creative with WordPress Websites, “Small & Big”

We are very pleased to have launched two new WordPress website…

My New Favorite iPad Video App: Adobe Voice

Riding the Wave The major trend in social media marketing that…

Learn How Compelling Visual Content Can Increase Your Social Media Marketing ROI

In a blog post over two years ago (see Social Media Goes Visual:…

Video Rant Reveals the Surprising ROI of Leading with Values

I'm turning a corner in my business. I've realized that my values…

Authenticity Rant Video #2: Why “Live Your Own Life” Makes Marketing Matter

There's more to successful marketing than formulas or even strategy. You need to "Live Your OWN Life" (even if you are a corporation). That's the subject of this brand new 6-minute video. "Authenticity Rant #2: 'Live Your OWN Life,' Why That's Essential for Marketing." This is not easy; but in my experience, worth every once of effort that you put into it.

New Video: Authenticity Rant #1, KISS Meets the Meaning Behind Your Brand Messaging

Ease. Fun. Authenticity. These three words summarize what I'm…

An Online Video Project That Makes a Difference by Addressing the Crisis in Our Family Courts

There are online video projects... and then there are online…

Why You Can’t Ignore Google+ for Local SEO and Social Media Marketing

Far too many marketers still resist participation in Google+ as "just one more social network." The significant benefits and value of social media marketing via Google+ are now beyond dispute. All serious marketing departments take note and read this post to learn more!

My New Year’s Resolution: Live More Like Steve Jobs

"While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because…

“It’s a Wonderful Web” ENewsletter Highlights Internet Marketing Tips, Social Media, and Overall Strategy

New Blog Post: 3 Surprisingly Useful Internet Marketing Tips from Top Experts; Client Spotlight: Michelle Schmitt - Her Music & Heart Benefit Us All; Luscious Links...

3 Surprisingly Useful Marketing Strategies to Make a Real Difference, Insights from Top Experts

3 high value Internet marketing strategies from Gary Vaynerchuk, Clay Collins and the social media sharing app Buffer's blog are shared to make a difference in your online marketing.

Take Advantage: Social Media & Mobile Marketing Lead the Way for Black Friday, Cyber Monday Offers & Deals

The year-over-year growth in the popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals illustrates why your mobile and social marketing strategies are more important than ever.

Why I Embrace the Morphing Medium of Internet Marketing & Benefit from Major New SEO Trends

There can now be little doubt that one of the most important things you can do to gain search engine visibility for your web pages is to get people to +1 them on Google+. Of course, this speaks once again to the requirement that you create high quality content that people will actually WANT to share.

New Offers: New Kinds of Internet Marketing Support

For the first time, starting next month, September, 2013, I…

The Heart of Online Marketing: My Google Hangout (Video) with Jay Baer

Yes, online marketing does have a heart. It's the people. In…

Facebook Marketing Meets Google Hangouts: How to Expand Your Video Audience

Sometimes I learn best by just going for it and trying new things.…

Webinar Video: Internet Marketing Success in 4 Easy “Booster Rockets”

Last week, we recorded a live webinar as part of the re-launch…

This Week’s “3 Geegy Amigos” Tech Talk Show via Google Hangouts

We had fun today and I think there's lots of useful information…

New Experiment: Weekly Tech Talk Google Hangout with “3 Geeky Amigos”

Welcome to our new tech talk Google Hangouts webcast, "3 Geeky Amigos."

This Ain’t Your Mama’s SEO. Tuning Into “Social Signals” and More.

Search engine optimization ain't what it used to be. Social media is now a critical component. Learn to get beyond tricks to create a sustainable strategy.

Mobile Apps and Mobile-Friendly Websites for Business: 
The Next Big Thing in Internet Marketing?

Shortly after Internet accessibility via mobile phones started…

The Visual Web Demands New Video Presentation Tools & Techniques

New ComBridges responsive WordPress website. Plus Links: No more bullet point lists! More creative online videos! Post on effective SlideShare & PowerPoint presentations, and impressive tool for animated videos.

Great Video Underscores the Mobile, Multi-Screen Marketing Revolution

One of my mantras seems to be "it's hard to keep track of how…