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This blog is part of Jon Leland‘s commitment to “span the Grand Canyon gap between people and technology.” Posts cover a broad range of topics related to small business digital marketing, including video marketing, social media marketing & advertising, and email marketing.

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More iPhone Art Fun, Apps & Viral Video

The mobile media revolution is me. Some call it "user generated…

Luscious Links: Free Resources for Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing may well be the next "big thing" for marketers.…

Entry Level WordPress Website, Another Web Design Success Story

It's obviously a good thing that ComBridges is known for high…

Follow the Data | How Netflix, Amazon & Warner Bros Are Pointing the Way

As I was preparing this week's New Media / New Marketing report…

Ebook Publishing | Searching for a Road Map at ASJA in NYC

I recently had the privilege of presenting on a panel about taking…

Social Media Fun, Keynote Presentation with Prezi Software, On the Road in New Zealand

Jon Leland blogs from his "speaking tour" of New Zealand and shares about his new keynote presentation and the Prezi presentation software.

iPhone Art, iPad Ease & the Mobile Revolution

Tonight I'm doing my first "art show" as an iPhone artist. It's…

Just Published: New E-Newsletter & New NewMarU Webinars Start 3/18/11

Just a quick update, in case you missed any of this new stuff... We've…

New Video: On the Paramount Importance of Authenticity in Online Marketing

As I discussed in the Tuesday, February 15th edition of TheTVNews.tv,…

The Fast-Track Intro to Internet Marketing | Free Webinar Tues 1/18/11

For those of us who more or less "live" online, it's kind of…

My Personal CES TV & ‘Video Web’ Wrap Up

New Blog Post: My CES, TV & online video-related links, video, etc.

TokBox Online Video Platform Looks Interesting…

Next Wednesday, I'll be blogging and tweeting from GigaOM’s…

NewMarU is Live. Off to Hong Kong!

A couple of quick pieces of news: 1. We've just launched the…

Why Video is the Web’s New Mission Critical Next Level: Do Not Miss

As many of you know, I’ve been writing and producing videos…

New Twitter Website Press Conference, Live via UStream & Scobleizer

A mini-review of the live Twitter press conference streamed via Robert Scoble and UStream.

New Wonderful Web E-Newsletter Covers WordPress, Video & Groovie Links

Our latest "It's a Wonderful Web" e-newletter is out and available…

ComBridges’ Connections: Linky Goodness, Insights & Free Stuff 8.18.10

A recap of recent resources and references  posted recently…

Online Video Growth Spurt Marked By New Programs & Distribution Opportunities

As discussed in my New Media / New Marketing segment on the Tuesday,…

Hits of the Week: Early July 2010

Welcome to a new feature of this blog. "Hits of the Week" (which…

When Old Media Companies Don’t “Get It”

As illuminated in this Wednesday, June 2nd's New Media New…

Free Internet Marketing Webinar for Businesses, May 27 at 11AM PT

If you are new to Internet marketing, we want to help you get…

Conan O’Brien Gets “The World Has Completely Changed.” Do You?

(Note: Read & scroll down please. Two [2] cool video clips…

Online Video is Rockin’ with Measurable Momentum, Increased Ad Spending & More

This week's New Media New Marketing TheTVNews.tv report (Wednesday,…

Online marketing & advertising illuminated via a visit to ad:tech SF

As discussed in this Tuesday's New Media New Marketing report…

Twitter Tools & How to Build More Consumption of Your Media

This Tuesday's edition of TheTVNews.tv which is shown immediately…

Local Newspaper Profiles Jon Leland & TheTVNews.tv

We're pleased to get some "ink" from the local Tiburon, CA community…

iPad Insights: Content Consumption vs Content Creation

My video comments on this Tuesday's New Media New Marketing report…

Google TV Ads, Cisco Feeds MSNBC, & Interactive Marketing Agencies: A Fresh Perspective

Another week, another Tuesday segment on TheTVNews.tv. This week,…

Top 5 Online Video & TV on the Web Mega-Trends

On Tuesday's edition of TheTVNews.tv, I talk about how hard it…

The Shrinking Stage of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report

Viacom is acting in a short-sighted manner in removing The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report from Hulu.com. Jon Leland explains why complete with video clip and quotes from Marc Andreessen.

Get a Grip on Internet Marketing: It’s a Process

(This commentary originally appeared in the Feb-March edition…

Online Video, the TV Everywhere Buzzword & Where It’s Going

A perspective on the expansion of online video in relation to the TV industry in particular including the growth of TV Everywhere programming i.e. Internet video programs that also appear on TV, cable and other more conventional screens.

Super Bowl Ads Still Lack Social Media Marketing Success (Mostly)

Follow up links and videos re Super Bowl TV ads and social media with other links and resources relating to 2010 Super Bowl ads, including our winner and loser advertiser in relation to social media marketing.

TV Industry News, Talkin’ New Media, part 2

VIDEO of my "world premiere" on TheTVNews.tv and link to press release: "New Media / New Marketing Consultant Joins the TV industry's Only Daily News Show with Weekly Segment"

Am I Your Go-To Guy? (a self-awakening)

Two client testimonials added up to a wake up call for me personally. Thanks to my willingness to listen, I realized that I have not been positioning myself at all well given the level of my expertise and skill. I realized that I actually am a "go-to guy" who can tell virtually any client of any size company what they should be doing next with regard to their web presence and their internet marketing.

Talking to the TV… Industry

Jon Leland has become the New Media / New Marketing expert contributior to TheTVNews.tv, the TV industry's only daily video news show.