Luscious Links – Catching Up with the Goodness

I come across so much useful information in any given week that I’ve taken to these “Luscious Links” blog posts to try to share with you some of the best of the best that I find. Does this format work for you? Please let me know.

Google’s Focus on Quality and the PostRank Acquisition
This is an excellent & useful post from SitePoint clarifies the changing state of SEO & social media marketing. My take aways: 1. quality content rules 2. social media really does matter. 3. It’s the conversations, connections & relationships that matter most. Are you listening?

Why is Authenticity a Crucial Component of Internet Marketing?
As I’m re-grouping for the “next generation” re-invention of, I was discussing with a friend, this ten-minute edited video conversation (linked above) with Robert Rabbin that came out of NewMarU’s first “guest” webinar. I LOVE what we said here and would really like more people to hear it. I sincerely believe that this is important information/perspective re marketing in the age of social media.

3 Smart Strategies for Book Promotion
Here are just a few smart ways that authors can promote their books with social media and PR. Practical steps any author can use for book marketing via SlideShare.

The “Talk Radio” Approach to Effective Email Marketing
I like the way that this CopyBlogger article underscores my core value that “it’s got to be fun.” Yes! In content marketing et al, FUN makes all the difference. Don’t you agree?

12 Awesome Facebook Stats, Charts & Graphs
Are you taking Facebook seriously as a marketing channel? If not, maybe you should check out these 12 stats via a nifty little Hubspot SlideShare presentation…

Learn How Your Website Can Be The Center Of Social Network Attention
My recent video comments on TheTVNews re social media marketing and a new solution that lets more active brands aggregate various social media conversations onto their website so it’s more of a “home base.”

How to Combine SEO and Social Media for Maximum Impact with Lee Odden
This is a good overview video interview that covers something I’ve been talking about a lot lately. It’s very important to understand the relationship between social media, SEO and content creation in order to produce effective marketing in today’s online environment. This is a valuable 5 minutes, IMHO.

Your feedback is encouraged. I’d love to hear any comments you may have.

iPad Insights: Content Consumption vs Content Creation

My video comments on this Tuesday’s New Media New Marketing report (see video below) on seem to resonate with others, including this online video program’s host as well as a video producer that I met today at the Apple store. Bottom line: Apple’s elegant new device is ideal for media consumption. As to media creation? Not so much.

Here’s the video report with one exception to this linked below. Do you agree?

One exception is the excellent tech cartoonist, Robb Cottingham, who explains how he created today’s cartoon with an iPad and a special drawing tool. Good notes too on iPhone art apps. Read Cartooning on the iPad? Yep.

Windows & Mac OS Are About to Run Side-by-Side on the Same Mac

The Apple ad copy “It’s the only computer you’ll ever need” is coming more and more true, and I was sure this was coming. I’m glad to see it coming so soon…

CNet reports on a software called “Parallels” in Windows, Mac OS to run side-by-side.

Two-thirds on US Home Internet Users Now Have Broadband Connections

Wow. Even when you think you know what’s happening out there, suddenly there’s another imporant milestone among what I might call “techno-megatrends” tracking. Beyond all the business Internet users who almost all of whom have broadband Internet connections… Amongst US Internet users at home, a full two-thirds now have broadband Internet connections. If you ask me, that’s pretty impressive. Things are continuing to change fast and, as usual, they are accelerating. No wonder there’s so much Internet video action these days. Here’s more details from the new Nielsen//NetRatings report.

Your Portable Hot Spot: Wi-Fi hot spot in-a-box

Now you can create your own wi-fi hot spot on the road, on the run and on the fly. The NYTimes’ David Pogue explains and reviews the top three models of a device that’s still in search of its own name. The device is referred to as a “portable hot spot” or as a “cellular gateway” or as a “mobile router.” Some people are even using them instead of their DSL or cable modem so that they can take their connectivity with them and share it with others almost anywhere.

The truth about Flash in Email

We do lots of Flash and lots of email newsletters, and I’ve always known that delivering Flash via email is problematic, although I’ve heard frequent claims from vendors who claim to have overcome the email client software compatibility issues. It appears I’m right (which I always like) and this article offers a quite comprehensive test. Verdict: don’t do it.

Steve Jobs Pokes Michael Dell as Apple’s Market Cap Tops Dell’s

I remember a Steve Jobs presentation shortly after he took back the reigns at Apple where he projected an image of Michael Dell’s face on the bull’s eye of a target. He took aim and “bingo,” he “made it so.” According to this report in the NY Times, Jobs couldn’t pass up the milestone of Apple’s market cap passing Dell’s (at least for the moment) without a comment to his “team.” Amazing. The drama continues…

Apple’s Influence Increasing Beyond Belief: A Leader Despite a Follower’s Marketshare

The more I think about it, the more amazing Apple’s success is. Eat your heart out, Bill Gates. It’s Apple that is setting the pace now, making the best software and the best hardware, and “owning” the digital music/media business that every media business covets (iTunes is has something like an 84% marketshare.)

I won’t rant on. Suffice it to say that I am amazed and delighted. Perhaps this piece by FORTURE senior editor, Peter Lewis, “Tiny Apple has oversized influence” from says it all. With subheads like: “Setting standards” and “Tiny marketshare, big influence,” you get the idea. Who woulda thunk it, but I agree with Lewis’ assessment that “once again Apple appears to be setting the standards for the rest of the PC and consumer electronics industries.” Congrats! Keep up the good work, Apple.

Steve Jobs MacWorld Keynote Video: Watch It Now

The video of the Steve Jobs keynote is now up on Apple’s website. The quality is quite good, and if you’ve never seen Jobs do one of these presentations, I think it’s not to be missed. If you’ve seen one, you know. Thank God, they are finally getting this video up to watchable quality.

And thank goodness, Apple is doing so well. Mr. Jobs reports record revenue, record iPod sales (14 million last quarter, 42 million total), new videos for sale via the iTunes store, demos of all the new iLife applications (including iMovie with podcasting), and the announcement of the new Intel Macs six months ahead of schedule.

Go, Steve!

New Intel Macs, sure. But Google Earth Mac, YEAH!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m psyched about the new Intel MacBooks and iMacs, but what I’ve really been waiting for is Google Earth for the Mac. Finally, It’s here! It’s like piloting your own aircraft over the earth, or getting a real “birds eye view”…

And while I’m blabbing, eh, I mean blogging, kudos to the Apple marketing folks for the line: “What’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it’s ever done in a PC.” Stay tuned for the Steve Jobs video keynote. A show worthy of your attention, IMHO.