Google’s Schmidt Shares

Thanks to Tim O’Reilly for pointing out the LA Times interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt (site registration required). More than any truly large company, I think Google is defining innovation in the 21st Century, and Schmidt seems to be a real straight-shooting, thoughtful individual. Worthy of respect and attention (beyond the hype.)

Get Links to Improve Search Engine Rankings

As most e-marketers know, getting good links TO your web site is now a critical component of achieving web traffic generating search engine positions for the strategic keywords that you (hopefully) have indentified for the benefit of your business or organization.

Today, I’m recommending Marketing Sherpa as one of my favorite “must read” email newsletters on e-marketing; and, in particular, an article on the do’s and don’ts of link acquisition, and interview with link expert Eric Ward titled How to (Really) Gain Link Popularity: 5 Mistakes & 3 Proven Tactics. (Note this article is only free til May 6th.)

Note: One of the most useful links sited is which offers almost 600 niche topic directories from whom you may be able to get valuable links as well as some good how-to instructions. Good luck!

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SEO tip

Wanna know where you site is ranking on all the major search engines for a particular keyword term? Who doesn’t!

Use the Marketleap Keyword Verification Tool. It’s easy as pie and they’ve got some other pretty nifty free tools up there as well. Enjoy.