Define Web 2.0 & Ajax. Hunh?

Even as one who has blogged (see posts below) about kewl Web 2.0 applications and their Ajax programming, ah, er, platform, or whatever-it-is… I’ve not been the one to articulately define these trends or movements or whatever they are.

So I was pleased to find both a fine technical explanation of Ajax, as well as an illuminating and articulate (although technically sophisticated) social commentary on the development environment and buzz around Web 2.0.

Of course, if you are less technically inclined, it may be sufficient for you for me to say that Web 2.0 and Ajax are used to cook up spritely, user friendly online applications (for example, flickr and Basecamp) that “foster community and collaboration;” but they are more… much more… very much in the same way that open source programmers are so much more than just geeks. Afterall, making the world a place where people can get more connected, form communities, and collaborate even, is, afterall, making the world a better place. 😉