Finally, An Overview of Video Sharing Sites and Revenue Opportunities

I’ve been wanting someone to write this article. (Thanks to Beet.TV for the tip.)

A site called LightReading (which calls itself “the leading integrated business media company serving the telecommunications industry and other related next-generation communications markets”) has published Online Video: Show Us the Money which includes information on no fewer than 75 video sharing sites with mini-reviews of the Top 10 revenue sharing sites. It’s complete with comparison charts, and I recommend clicking on the “Print” link to get the whole report with charts embedded. You could really call this a white paper in the purest sense.

Great work. Thanks, Light.

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  1. Jon Leland
    Jon Leland says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Andrew. I suppose great Lights read alike, or not. 😉 Cheers!

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