Fox Gets It: Free TV Shows on iTunes

While I find their news shows offensive, it’s not ironic that Fox should show up as progressive on the new media front (Murdoch bought MySpace after all.)

The latest deal is covered here: Fox strikes deal for free shows on iTunes

I particularly liked this comment by GGGlen: NBC vs Apple+Fox:

NBC content- loaded with commercials,
Apple+Fox- commercial free.

NBC content expires in one week,
Apple+Fox- keep it as long as you like.

NBC content excludes 25 million Mac users,
Apple+Fox-viewable on any platform capable of running iTunes.

NBC content excludes the #1 MP3 player on the planet (it’s not
compatible with the iPod line)
Apple+Fox- iPod friendly.

Apple+Fox? Find a way to expand on this, and let NBC join the
ever-growing list of failed “wannabees”.