Insights into Online Poker’s Amazing Growth

I’m not sure how long this, to me, fascinating article will be free online… It was in last Sunday’s NY Times. The article, “At PartyGaming, Everything’s Wild” profiles the parent company of as well as the astromonical growth of the online poker market. In the case of PartyGaming (which will go public in the UK soon), “The company had revenue of just $9 million from its poker business in 2002; by the end of 2004, revenue had climbed to more than a half-billion dollars.” Or for the online poker industry overall, “Total revenue for online poker among all companies was already a healthy $92 million in 2002, but it then exploded, surpassing $1 billion just two years later, according to Christiansen Capital Advisors L.L.C., a consulting firm in New Gloucester, Me., that specializes in advising gambling companies.” And, “…In the process, the firm estimates, the total online poker market will mushroom to $6 billion in 2009 from $1 billion in 2004.”

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