Internet Telephony, Better Yourpages & More

Yahoo has joined the Internet telephony game by bundling a Skype, Gizmo Project (my fav) Voice over IP (VoIP) service with Yahoo Messenger.

Among Google’s many new initiatives is Google Finance; but that wasn’t even one of the 25 things Danny Sullivan loves about Google.

There are new Web 2.0 applications every day… Today, I was especially impressed by one of the niftiest home page sites I’ve ever seen (you don’t even have to sign in to personalize your page): NetVibes. Really impressive. (btw, it seems to me that TechCrunch is the best place to tune into the latest Web 2.0 developments… pun intended.)

I know it’s not just a “good news day.” Things are accelerating again. Look out more is on the way!

(Oh yeah, and the hackers have already got Windows booting on an Intel MacBook Pro.)