iPad Insights: Content Consumption vs Content Creation

My video comments on this Tuesday’s New Media New Marketing report (see video below) on TheTVNews.tv seem to resonate with others, including this online video program’s host as well as a video producer that I met today at the Apple store. Bottom line: Apple’s elegant new device is ideal for media consumption. As to media creation? Not so much.

Here’s the video report with one exception to this linked below. Do you agree?

One exception is the excellent tech cartoonist, Robb Cottingham, who explains how he created today’s cartoon with an iPad and a special drawing tool. Good notes too on iPhone art apps. Read Cartooning on the iPad? Yep.

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  1. Rob Cottingham
    Rob Cottingham says:

    Good post, and I’m not just saying that because of your superb taste in cartoons. (-:

    I think the key distinction may lie in the difference between how Apple intends (or at least expects) the majority of its customers to use the device, and the potential a sizable minority (along with some helpful developers) sees for more.

    Almost everything about the iPad’s design and marketing suggests Apple sees it as a media consumer’s device. Not that they’re averse to media creators diving in (they had the creator of Brushes take part in the Jan. 27 product announcement), but we aren’t their bread and butter.

    Still, they’ve built in enough latent capabilities that the development community can fill that gap. And I can’t wait to see the next thing some clever devil thinks up.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Great to hear from you, Robb.

    I’m wondering if you have checked out Inspire? It’s an iPhone painting app that has gotten some pretty impressive reviews and is working on an iPad app. A future blog post coming soon here…


  3. Rob Cottingham
    Rob Cottingham says:

    Interesting-looking app, and it’s on my list to check out once it’s ported to the iPad.

    Any idea how these guys (and Brushes) do the upsampling when it comes to exporting at high resolution? Does it look half-decent?

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