JotSpot Wiki App for the Rest of Us

The techno dweebs among us (and apparently I’m in that category) know that a “wiki” is a kind of free form web-based collaboration environment. The only limitation that I know of is that they have required a certain degree of techno savvy, perhaps even a programmer’s aptitude, in order to make good use of them. I’ve been interested, but intimidated.

Then, I saw a ZDNet whiteboard video, “What is a Wiki?” with JotSpot CEO, Joe Kraus; and I checked out JotSpot. What I discovered was an ASP (application service provider) or what the company calls “The Application Wiki.” It’s extremely user friendly, totally web based (no downloads), comes complete with a WYSIWYG page editor, and all kinds of plug-in modules from a blog to a calendar, the ability to email pages, as well as to email content TO a page, etc. I’m impressed, pleased and having fun using it (already) as a collaboration tool for my team with virtually no start up learning curve. VERY useful!

If you’re new to wikis, the whiteboard video above is a good intro. For more info, JotSpot has an online tour (another reflection of their user-friendliness), and there’s also a good interview with Kraus on C|Net.