Michelle Wie Getting Set to Turn Pro

Uh-oh. Two back-to-back golf posts… Well, on one hand, I’m interested in Michelle Wie from the sports business point of view… Specifically, how does a 15 year old who has never won a professional tournament become that highest paid woman golfer in the world? And, on the other hand, I love her from the “spiritual roots” in Hawaii passion and enthusiasm that I share with many golf fans, especially those from Hawaii, for this young, charming charismatic star. Or maybe it’s just because she has one of the most beautiful golf swings that I’ve ever seen? Or the fun of seeing a 15 year old girl beat seasoned professional male players? Anyway, she’s a treat and makes the great game of golf even more fun to watch. I personally hope she gets to live her dream and play in the Masters.

If you’re interested in more details, here’s a good overview of Michelle Wie’s apparent decision to turn pro very soon.