Recording a Skype Video Call, Good Fun

Yesterday, I had a pro bono client who wanted to demo a new voice mail system at a conference. I came up with the idea of using Skype to record the call and found Call Recorder (for Mac).

Today, because I had Call Recorder demo installed, while I was on a video conference call using Skype with a client, I had the idea of recording a message to my designer/producer having the client acknowledge his work in a video clip. Presto. Easily done with a click of a button.

Nice software. It works. Does what it’s supposed to as far as I can tell and only costs $15. Nice.

PS. Bonus, because Call Recorder records the calls as Quicktime movies, I can easily go into iMovie and add visuals to enhance the voice mail demo. Very nice. 🙂

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  1. Jon Leland
    Jon Leland says:

    I’m glad to hear that feedback, Tinu. When I bought this reasonably priced app I agreed to a small upgrade bundle so that I can record iChat video conference calls too. So far so good. I expect to see more and more people using video conferencing over time. It’s fun. 🙂

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