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For a small business, 
a new Website can seem to
take forever, cost too much,
and, it may Not be what you needed!

that's why we created a fast & affordable solution
That has empowering expert support Built-in.

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Jon Leland is an online marketing mentor with decades of experience. His joyful attitude and talents as a creative collaborator are now being combined with the ease-of use and design elegance of the Squarespace website publishing platform.
This combination means that you can work with Jon on your new website for less cost and with less hassle than ever before. 


Rather than using the traditional "done-for-you" approach, in order to provide maximum value in the least amount of time, Jon Leland has created a "done-WITH-you"
collaborative website design process that he calls "1-to-1 Get-It-Done."
This is a streamlined person-to-person work session—either in-person or via Skype with screen sharing—that utilizes the simplicity of the Squarespace platform
to help you build (at minimum) the foundation of your new website, while you also receive an empowering overview of the Squarespace system AND valuable strategic guidance.  

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Many beautiful, modern, well-designed options.

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A talented collaborator

EXpert Help

To hold your hand & teach you every step of the way.

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Instantly Mobile-Friendly on

Any device

Be accessible and interactive within the mobile revolution.

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New website

Done-with you, strategically on-target, & done right.

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"In less than the time it takes to play a round of golf, we had my new website designed and published. I particularly enjoyed the collaborative process with Jon... In just one afternoon, he saved me a ton of time, money and effort. In my opinion, the combination of Jon’s expertise and this streamlined process is a real winner. If you want to get your website done with a minimum of stress, I don’t think there’s a better way."

Jim Draper

President, Draper Creative Group

What's next?

Reserve your session now or ask questions.

After you reserve your session, you will receive an email explaining what to expect and how to maximize the value of your session. Or, click here to ask any questions whatsoever.

If you are ready to book your "1-to-1 Get It Done" session, please click here to pay now, and we will contact you ASAP to schedule your session. Thanks!


Jon Leland: digital marketing mentor & 
Enthusiastic champion for small Business