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Inspiring: Steve Jobs Commencement Address at Stanford

When I first got an email with this commencement address by college drop-out Steve Jobs at Stanford University, I thought it must be urban legend; but, as this link shows, it’s for real. And, more importantly, it’s quality content. Inspiring even. Jobs speaks of “connecting the dots” in your life, the value of love and loss (using his “devastating” removal from Apple as a powerful positive in his life) and, most profoundly, death as the ultimate motivator, including details of his recent battle with pancreatic cancer. Check out the full text of Steve Jobs’ remarks

Understanding Apple’s Intel Announcement

Apple’s announcement that they would begin producing Macs using Intel chips rather than IBM PowerPC chips is something of an earthquake, or a tectonic shift for the world of personal computing. It is perhaps best explained in simplistic terms as bringing the Mac software community into a more connected and less isolated place (of course, this will take place over time, over the next couple of years). The best analogy that I read (including some more dweeby analysis) was by ZDNet’s John Carroll who compared the change as being from the isolation of the Azores to the connectedness of Manhattan In other words, Apple will still be an island, but there will be lots more ways (bridges and tunnels) to make connections with other kinds of software and computers. This opens many doors for new possibilities in the future, including less expensive Macs. Right on.

Podcasting update from Steve Jobs & Washington Post

Here’s are some current stats and perspective from Steve Jobs re podcasting as reported by the Washington Post.

Apple Back in the Spotlight

As a mac man and an Apple stockholder, it should be clear that I’m a fan of one of the most innovative companies in the history of technology. So, of course, I’m pleased to see Apple back in the spotlight as evidenced by the current cover story in Fortune magazine, How Big Can Apple Get?