Amazing, Useful Search Tool: Inquisitor

The web is definitely having a new wave of innovation. Inquisitor doubles as an SEM keyword phrase search tool (it automatically gives you related and relevant keyword phrases relating to any search string you type) AND as a way to check out search results on multiple sites (Google, Yahoo, Technorati, Amazon, Digg, etc.) with the simple click of a sidebar button. check it out

(Thanks to Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog for the tip.)

Free Chat App Can Help Convert Browsers into Buyers

It’s been proven that offering a live, realtime interaction via online chat applications like LiveChat can help convert browsers into buyers. Now, open source strikes again by making this kind of technology free via a new web-based app, ZaZaChat. As you might expect, it’s still in “beta,” so if anyone tests it, please let me know. Now that the price is right, all you need is the time and willingness to interact directly with your prospective customers. 😉

Ka-ching: Holiday Retail Sales Up 25-30% over 2004

Some think that the Net is just hitting its stride. I think that it’s growth is still under-estimated. There’s lotz of room for growth. Even though online selling is still only something like 6% of all retail in the US, one-third of families are doing it. According to this summary of two research reports in the NY Times and this PDF press release from NetRatings some types of products, such as computer hardware/peripherals and consumer electronics, sold more than twice the volume online during the Holidays 2005 vs 2004 (over a 100% increase.)

Happy New Year to everyone working to earn their living on the Web.