John Daly, We Love Him Cause He’s Us

How could he miss that putt? A mental error? Perhaps. A heart-breaking ending? For sure. Does it change the way that we love John Daly? Not really. After all, he did out drive the un-out-drivable, Tiger Woods on that first playoff hole. A heroic golfing feat in itself. I guess it’s time for another comeback, eh, John? You proved that you’ve got the right golf stuff. You also showed more than ever that you really are like me. It’s something that I might have done. But I’ll use the experience not to do it… Please God!

Worldwide golfer public sympathy was reflected in this report from Reuters including the headline, “Win or Lose, Wild Thing will always have the fans” and the perfect lead, “No other player in the game could have triggered wider public sympathy in the agony of defeat than people’s champion, John Daly.”

Or, you may also want to check out Tim Kawakami’s hearfelt rendition of the WGC-American Express Championships tragic ending in San Jose’s Mercury News.

When Will Wie Win?

She already has won. Not that I think she’s going to take all that endorsement money and run, but anybody who doesn’t think she’s going to prove herself on the LPGA as well as in a lot of other places, can step right up and I’ll take their bets. She’s a genuine star with genuine talent, a joy to watch, and with blessings such as she posseses, there’s no way she can be denied the winner’s circle.

Click here to read the NY Times commentary

Michelle Wie Getting Set to Turn Pro

Uh-oh. Two back-to-back golf posts… Well, on one hand, I’m interested in Michelle Wie from the sports business point of view… Specifically, how does a 15 year old who has never won a professional tournament become that highest paid woman golfer in the world? And, on the other hand, I love her from the “spiritual roots” in Hawaii passion and enthusiasm that I share with many golf fans, especially those from Hawaii, for this young, charming charismatic star. Or maybe it’s just because she has one of the most beautiful golf swings that I’ve ever seen? Or the fun of seeing a 15 year old girl beat seasoned professional male players? Anyway, she’s a treat and makes the great game of golf even more fun to watch. I personally hope she gets to live her dream and play in the Masters.

If you’re interested in more details, here’s a good overview of Michelle Wie’s apparent decision to turn pro very soon.

The Grand Mr. Gore is Great for Golf

You gotta love it when nice guys finish first. Also, as a “big man,” it would be less than full disclosure if I didn’t point out that I also like this guy because, like me, he’s not as buff as Tiger Woods. But he still got the job done.

The future of golf is brighter today because of his victory. And, as a fan, I’m pleased to have someone that’s this fun to watch making his mark. Keep it up, Jason. Click here to read a feature interview with Jason Gore about his win. Or, click here to accept my personal invitation to visit Media Mall’s “Golf Club”

Golf Lessons in Losing

(it’s about time that golf made it into my blog) I really wanted Chris DiMarco to win the PGA tourney this weekend, but despite the extreme gutsy-ness he showed at the Masters, he wasn’t up to the task. Since I was on the course playing golf, instead of watching TV when it happened, I wanted to know why. I turned to Google News, and found this excellent Sports Illustrated analysis. Strange that DiMarco’s strength, putting, should become his undoing. Sounds like he should have chipped it in. 😉 Read these valuable tips.

And, while we’re talkin’ golf, you’re invited to visit the Golf Club for insights about clone golf clubs, reviews of my favorite golf books and more .