Podcasting: A more sober view (and more)

Who woulda thunk that wildman NBA Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would be the one to provide the most sober overview of the podcasting trend I’ve seen, but he did. Also, of interest to blog fans, Cuban announced the reincarnation of his blog-oriented search engine (formerly IceRocket, now BlogScour), not to mention a fun bit of Dot-Bomb memorabilia about the day 7 years ago when went public. As always, Cuban continues to be, IMHO, a pioneer of interest on the digital frontier. Just lay off those reality shows, Mark.

Podcasting update from Steve Jobs & Washington Post

Here’s are some current stats and perspective from Steve Jobs re podcasting as reported by the Washington Post.

Jobs Reveals iTunes Tuning into Podcasts

I admit to being a Steve Jobs fan, so you won’t be surprised that I think he’s making (yet another) smart move by incorporating podcasts into this summer’s update to the iTunes software. Why not make his killer app more sticky? Makes sense to me. Or to quote Apple (and Pixar)’s master of promotion, in his usually under-stated manner, “Already millions of people are subscribing to these podcasts, I think this is going to send it into orbit.”

More info from including coverage of comments by Bill Gates & more

Blogs and Podcasts: Hot Links

I can’t stay away. While blogs and
podcasts are not quite revolutionary, they represent a continued evolution of media towards democratization, which is something that I believe in. Today, I enjoyed reading a feature article in the New York Times, “A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip” covering
the commercial cream of the blogging crop, and listening to an interview podcast on podcasting (May 6th edition) on the latest developments in that emerging sector (not quite an industry yet) on (The picture above is editor, Alex Williams.) If you want a better understanding of the evolution of these two new media forms, these are recommended reading and listening, IMHO.

Podcasting is, like, SO “last week”! Meet PSPCasting

Could the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) be the next iPod? Maybe. In any case, it’s already being used for a new kind of video broadcasting that is built on the inspiration of podcasting (see earlier posts in this blog). The facilitating technology is a new PSP-compatible video format called PSP Video 9 and the new phenom is illuminated in this article, Meet PSPCasting (Podcasts? So Last Week) from ClickZ Network.

Wired: The End of Radio… Really!

Right. Podcasting is just a piece of the replacement of radio by “on-demand audio.” Thanks to Tivo, podcasting and a slew of other digital technologies, combined with smaller, cheaper, faster electronics, media is finally coming into a new generation where we can see and hear what we want, when we want it. Thank goodness!

IMHO, Wired magazine is back and getting better and their recent cover story on this trend is more evidence of that editorial success. I don’t mind that every month they publish something from one of the most important intellectuals writing about digital rights et al, Lawrence Lessig. He’s well worth following.Read the coverage from the Wired cover story. It’s already online.

More Kewl Podcast Links

OK. I promise. This is my last podcast post for a while. The “Marketing Diva” has her own take on the podcasting trend and her blog post includes a bunch of decent links to articles, resources, podcasts, Power Point presentations and more. Enuf said. Click here to dish with the Diva, Dahling!

Podcasting for Profits?!?

What is this? 1999? 😉

In the article, For a Start-Up, Visions of Profit in Podcasting NYTimes’ John Markoff stays sober in describing a mini-start up that’s making a move on the emerging market for podcasts. The most quotable quote, IMHO, attempts to provide perspective on how the leading commercial audio download service, and podcasting may overlap (in the future, of course) with radio listeners:

“When I started Audible and we started signing up radio partners, people would ask me, ‘where does your technology leave radio?,’ ” said Donald Katz, Audible’s chairman. “Now it’s clear that the creative capacity that is out there greatly outstrips the capacity of the radio pipeline.”

And, here’s the good news, from my perspective, as described by Markoff:

“While still too much in its infancy to be considered an immediate threat to the radio industry, podcasting does present the prospect of a growing army of iPod-toting commuters who take programming decisions out of the hands of broadcasters and customize their own listening.”

Easy Jump Start & Podcasting Pitch

Tinu Abayomi-Paul who writes for Search Engine Guide wrote a somewhat optimistic yet useful pitch, Why You’re Missing Out on Hundreds of Visitors If You Aren’t Podcasting which includes a link to her even more useful HowtoPodcast blog which includes a quite groovy little Flash movie, “The Easy Podcast Movie” which shows you how to do it in a few easy steps. $5/month and you can record yours on the phone. Maybe this is the revolutionary medium I hope it is and, of course, even those without iPods or other MP3 players can still listen on the Web.

Podcasting Builds Momentum, Gets Defined

iPod promo OK. I admit it. Maybe podcasting IS the beginning of the personalized webcasting that I wrote about for years in Videography.

I was impressed with the NY Times coverage this weekend… snappy examples… Tired of TiVo? Beyond Blogs? Podcasts Are Here. I take as a sign of emerging yet premature maturity 😉 that there are already sites like and, that review and rank podcasts.

I even download the iPodder podcast aggregator software, but I’ve not yet put it fully to use. Although, if you’re interested in learning more, you might check out Dave Winer’s (he’s one of the originators of the RSS, Really Simple Syndication format) well-linked definition of podcasting: What is Podcasting?