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What We Call the News: “Only the Truth is Funny”

Happy Monday. I’m on the run, but (as some of you know) what I think matters most about all this new media revolutionary… internet, digital video, and other technologies that are associated with the potential democratization of media (and so forth) is that all of this new media offers an alternative to the media circus that has largely replaced honest and informative journalism in our mainstream media. Thus, my enthusiasm and salute to the Jib-Jabbers who created the following bit of parody and spot-on comedic commentary. Enjoy.

Or, you may view “What We Call the News” at JibJab.com

Skype Video Call Gives Me a New Taste of the Global Village

I know this is nothing new, but the experience is somehow different, especially when it happens to you unexpectedly. Here’s what happened…

I have a prospective consulting client in the UK. We’ve had a couple of phone calls and numerous emails. I was away on vacation last week and we planned to talk yesterday to catch up and finalize details. She suggested we use Skype. Truthfully, I’ve used Gizmo Project for internet phone calls. For a while, I used it quite a bit, but not lately. I had downloaded Skype for Mac just in case while a client was overseas, but hadn’t really used it.

I scrambled… First, upon plugging in my USB headset, I found that it was recognized right away. I was able to confirm this quickly with a nifty test call feature that was built right into my “buddies” list. Then, unexpectedly, the prospective client suggested we might do video; and before I knew it, I could see her!

I have a MacBook Pro with a build-in webcam. I opened Skype’s preferences and told it to automatically activate the camera. She called back and presto, we were in a face-to-face meeting. Just like that, my first transcontinental video conference call. Very much like being in a meeting, but without the travel time.

I was impressed with Skype’s ease of use, neatly supported by the Mac’s ease of use and the fact that Skype supports the Mac. It’s easy to see why Skype is the clear leader in VoIP calling.

And, despite writing about this stuff for years (and even consulting with VDOnet years ago when they had one of the first webcam networks), I was struck by the immediate reality of our global village. It reached out and touched me in a concrete way, and gratefully in a way that may well benefit my bottom line.

It’s a treat when all this stuff we write and think about comes up to you and gives you a nice warm fuzzy nudge. 😉

NYTimes Spotlights The Internet-to-Cable Comedy Incubator

I love this. More evidence of the power of putting video online. More creative freedom and opportunities for creative people. More media power to the people. More breaking up of the old guard media empires (oh yeah, they call those “disruptive technologies”), etc.

New York Times television “news” section calls its report: Online Yesterday, on Cable Today


Creating YouTube Video Channels, A Pro Explains His Search Engine Strategy

Toward the end of this interview on Beet.TV, Brad Inman of leading edge, yet professional internet video producer, TurnHere, gives the most credible explanation of why companies, corporations and other organizations should be creating their own YouTube channels. It’s all about search.

Finally, An Overview of Video Sharing Sites and Revenue Opportunities

I’ve been wanting someone to write this article. (Thanks to Beet.TV for the tip.)

A site called LightReading (which calls itself “the leading integrated business media company serving the telecommunications industry and other related next-generation communications markets”) has published Online Video: Show Us the Money which includes information on no fewer than 75 video sharing sites with mini-reviews of the Top 10 revenue sharing sites. It’s complete with comparison charts, and I recommend clicking on the “Print” link to get the whole report with charts embedded. You could really call this a white paper in the purest sense.

Great work. Thanks, Light.

Online Video Monetization Blooming

If you still don’t believe that there’s money to be made, not to mention good marketing buzz to be generated, with online video clips, then you better check out The New York Times coverage of the competition between video sites to make revenue sharing deals with producers and talent who can develop a following using online video. They call it, New Hot Properties: YouTube Celebrities.

Web 2.0 Illuminated by Neat Video

Great video illuminating Web 2.0. Thanks, Kanas State U. 😉

OR a higher-quality WMV version of this video is available here.


New Easy Way to Monetize Your Internet Video Clips

(Sometimes I still feel like I’m covering the “Video Web” the way I did in my “old days” at Videography, yet I know not how many of you readers even know or care.)

I not only think that AdBrite’s new InVideo service is useful and practical, but I really like the fact that they’re walking their talk with a quick, clean and illustrative video that does a good job (see below) of explaining the advantages of and how this new way to place ads in your internet video clips works (still in invitation-only beta).

Maybe some day I’ll get around to producing some online video content? Especially now that I know that I can produce video clips with easily self-embedded video ads that are not offensive and which will travel with an embedded video player to anyone else’s website. Nice!

Video & You: Bigger Than Ever

I’ve been talking about how hot the online video business and content is getting for months, but it’s now beyond my comprehension. Not only are the Skype founders testing a new broadband video service and the NY Times is reporting a new online video service being put together by “a handful of giant media companies, like NBC Universal, the News Corporation, Viacom and possibly CBS,” but user-generated content a.k.a. “you” is the person on the year and the cover of Time magazine’s year end issue. The real story behind this is Web 2.0 and, of course, YouTube. For example, the article explains that last year users were downloading 10 million clips a DAY from YouTube. This year: 100 million video clips a day… read more of Time’s perspective… (including the list of related articles.)

Making Money on the Video Web

Any of you blog readers remember my Videography columns? Just curious. In any case, FYI for the rest of you, I’ve been writing about video on the web since the first streaming video vendors (in fact I consulted by VDONet which preceeded Real in terms of online video). Not that that’s important, but it’s nice to see the financial eco-system aka the online video marketplace coming of age to a point where people think there’s a business there. Of course, the biggest piece is the sale of movies, TV shows and other commercial forms of entertainment. But, as I’m found of saying, “stay tuned”… there’s more.

If you’re involved in the online video marketplace and its business potential, you’ll find this eMarketer.com report about other research reports regarding the “MoneyTube,” Online Video Becomes a Real Business, to be of interest.