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Net Video Sites Up Offers of Cash for Content

Reuters reports that video sites are now paying real cash money for what has been the amateur-only user-generated content category of web videos. In particular, Break.com has upped it’s payments to $400/clip, with more being paid for original animations; and the site claims to have already paid over $300,000 for original user generated content. The universe of web video appears to be beginning to mature in terms of its business models with paying of eyeballs (viewers) and quality content motivating submissions. Stay tuned.

The Birth of the “Social Video Network” (video blogging & social networking remixed)

You take a little MySpace, you add some YouTube, and mash ’em up. That’s the latest in easy to use video blogging… er well, I mean video sharing/syndication… well, actually, I mean video “channels” based on MySpace social networking and YouTube video sharing type o’ technologies.

The business model et al was written up on AlwaysOn or go straight to Dave.tv (the “social broadcast network”) or vsocial.

Next Generation: Online Digital Video Editing Software

As readers of this blog (or my old Videography columns) know, I like the ASP (application service provider) model of “software as service” using web-based applications to replace those that once lived exclusively on your computer’s desktop. Video editing software has been one of the most difficult to deliver via an online application. But in today’s world of ubiquitous high speed connections, not to mention the massive demand for online video deliver, much more viable solutions, like StashSpace.com are emerging. Very impressive! Read TechCrunch’s review with links to other online digital video editing software application sites.

LonelyGirl15: Viral Video Victory

If you search YouTube for “lonelygirl15,” you get all kinds of debunking, profanity and other forms of extremely personal video reactions. Whether hoax or otherwise, the girl’s got buzz. Personally, I’m with the crowd that thinks she’s too polished not to be a professional production (and I am a video production professional). Regardless, she’s the latest generation of viral video star; and, as New York magazine says, she’s the leading edge of a new (albeit commercial) art form.

More on Online Video Search and Contextual Video Advertising

The online video revolution continues to rev up (with a long way to go.) Andy Plesser, publisher of Beet.TV (also the author of the piece linked below) is covering it as well as anyone I’ve seen. Here’s his latest piece on contextual video advertising which includes, of course, a video interview. (Thank Gawd for someone who walks his talk.) This short piece also has a nice short list of links to video sites he considers online video advertising pioneers.

I also found the link in this piece to Blinkx.TV to be interesting, including the kewl video mosiac on their home page.

Web Video Trailblazer (Ze Frank) shows the web video his way

Things I like: originality, humor, the energy to commit to produce a web video five days a week (!), the ability to produce a daily web video that’s actually entertaining, humor, digital media pioneers.

See embedded video below and lotz of other entertaining stuff and an original site at: ZeFrank.com. Thanks to the NYTimes for exposing this guy to me (and us).

YouTube Rockets to Dominant Lead in the Video Sharing Space

It’s amazing both how fast the video sharing sites are growing and how far the startup leader YouTube.com is, well, in the lead. The site just went live last December and is already kicking the asses of the likes of Google Video and Yahoo Video.

According to a Hitwise research study sited in this PCWorld report, “For the week ending May 20, YouTube nabbed almost 43 percent of all visits to video Web sites, while the video section of MySpace.com came in second with 24.2 percent.” The presumably bigger video search sites all lagged with less than 10 percent.

For more perspective, YouTube’s twenty-something, former PayPal employee founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley (shown here) offer a bit of their brief history and their insights in an interview by CNNMoney.com

Om Malik’s blog also has some interesting related stats in YouTube vs Yahoo.

Finally, A Fine Apple QT Webcast

When I was writing for Videography, among other events, I used to go to every Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in San Francisco, and LOVED the show. (If you haven’t seen Jobs in action, even if you’re not an Apple fan, it’s worth the experience to see perhaps the most masterful presenter, well, er, salesman in corporate America.) But, since I’ve been trying to tune in via QuickTime from my home office, I’ve been grossly disappointed in the quality of streaming QuickTime.

Finally, with the latest Jobs webcast using MPEG4, QuickTime is delivering a very watchable experience of Jobs’ “special event” announcement of the new iTunes, the new iPod Nano and the new Motorola iTunes phone. Click here to check it out. (QuickTime 7 recommended… Yes, you can get that for Windows too.) 😉