Warner Brothers Diggin’ Digital for Development of Music Talent

Before I could even draft my post about major “disruptive” technologies, a major record company announced its new initiative to “validate” talent via Internet marketing. You gotta love that it’s a psychedelic relic, Jac Holzman, who’s master-minding this effort. Doesn’t it make you think twice when one of the big boys is ” trying to use the Internet to produce and distribute music in ways that circumvent the usual channels…” ?

To quote Holzman from the Washington Post, “‘Physical product has its place in the world,’ but using the Internet is a faster and cheaper way of searching for and validating talent, said Holzman, a longtime proponent of independent music who made it big by signing the Doors on the Elektra music label in 1966.” Maybe these old guys will finally “get it” after all. 😉

Washington Post: Warner Music Turns to Web