YouTube Rockets to Dominant Lead in the Video Sharing Space

It’s amazing both how fast the video sharing sites are growing and how far the startup leader is, well, in the lead. The site just went live last December and is already kicking the asses of the likes of Google Video and Yahoo Video.

According to a Hitwise research study sited in this PCWorld report, “For the week ending May 20, YouTube nabbed almost 43 percent of all visits to video Web sites, while the video section of came in second with 24.2 percent.” The presumably bigger video search sites all lagged with less than 10 percent.

For more perspective, YouTube’s twenty-something, former PayPal employee founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley (shown here) offer a bit of their brief history and their insights in an interview by

Om Malik’s blog also has some interesting related stats in YouTube vs Yahoo.