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From simple Squarespace sites to complex WordPress development.

Digital Marketing

Strategic campaigns via email, social media, SEO, video & more.


Jon loves delivering inspiring, informative workshops & keynotes.

Learning Resources

Books & online courses designed to empower and motivate.

Jon Leland has repeatedly demonstrated a knack for getting my messaging right and
for extending that strategically into our online presence.

Jon Leland has “ahead-of-the-curve” skills in comprehending the intricacies and power of online interactivity, web video, and social media.

Digital marketing isn’t hard, but it is complicated. With his book, Jon Leland has provided
an extraordinarily useful guide… a great primer, and a must-read for anyone
taking the digital marketing plunge

I highly recommend Jon Leland as a keynote speaker to any organization seeking a
strategic understanding of digital marketing. Jon’s presentation skills are exemplary
and his visuals keenly illustrate his perspective.

I think Jon knows better than anyone how to help businesses use digital media
as a powerful marketing tools.

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