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Business is about relationships. It’s that simple. 

And, to make relationships real in the world of social media marketing, you need a committed, on-going, multi-touch strategy that “leads with value” and the ability to implement that strategy (that’s what we do). The results are meaningful relationships that return bottom-line dollars and long-term success. 

It is this approach that puts ComBridges’ social media marketing programs head and shoulders above more superficial approaches that promise a quick-fix but are nothing more than shiny-object-silver-bullets. (Spoiler alert: There are no silver bullets.)

We believe that social media marketing is about attracting and engaging your “core tribe.” This includes nurturing your current subscriber and follower relationships, as well as expanding your outreach in order to build new relationships. 

What’s the Fastest Way to Find the Best Strategies to Ignite YOUR Marketing for More Human Engagement?

Answer: This Marketing Audit by Jon Leland

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Our Values-Driven Approach Means Sustainable Success

“Leading with Value” means creating valuable content that shows rather than tells people why they should care about what you offer.

In order to be effective, we believe that these Four Fundamentals of an Engaging Social Media Presence (ESMP) are essential:

  1. Consistent High-Quality Content Breeds Trust
    Occasional content doesn’t cut it. It makes you look flaky so don’t do it. Our programs are designed to create a consistent digital presence that people can count on and with which they genuinely want to connect.
  2. Authenticity is the Only Thing That’s Truly Engaging
    People do business and build relationships with real people, not images or wannabe “brand stories.” Being yourself as profoundly as possible makes engagement exponentially more powerful and it can also be less expensive.

  3. A Willingness to Play & Experiment is The Ultimate Optimization Technique
    Life is about learning and growing. When we try new things, we make new discoveries. Then, marketing becomes an adventure where the journey is its own reward. Ultimately, you find a “sweet spot” that you might not have known existed.

  4. Leveraging Video is The Leading Edge
    We are passionate about the power of video because nothing will express your humanity, differentiate your value, and make more personal connections like video. Strategically, it’s also true that every social media network gives preferred treatment to video posts. Thus, it’s “leaving money on the table” not to put video’s power to work for you.

    And, if we do say so ourselves, ComBridges has deep video expertise that you won’t find anywhere else. When you work with us, you get our proprietary video workflows that deliver your video messaging, in all the right places and in all the best ways.

What Kinds of Organizations Are a Good Fit for Our Services?

We are committed to designing and implementing long term strategies.

You want social media marketing that builds relationships through multiple touches and authenticity. This means that even though we do not require long term financial commitments (month-to-month is fine), our clients genuinely are “in it” for the long haul.

We serve organizations that are big enough to hire a full-time marketing associate to do social media marketing.

We can take that kind of budget and give it a much bigger impact. To give you a rough idea, if you paid an associate $48K/year, even without considering the cost of benefits and overhead, that’s a $4K/month retainer for ComBridges. (And, yes, we can work with less or more than that.) With this kind of commitment, with us, you get significantly more power and substantially more expertise, including our whole team, our best practices, our proprietary workflows, and our software tools. This is clearly much more value for your investment than any individual can provide. Read more in 5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Digital Marketing Manager.

We love collaborating with organizations whose executives and team members are over-committed, stressed, and can use some creative helping hands as well as strategic input.

We provide a gifted, self-managed, and responsible team of outsourced professionals. This enables us to create consistently professional and engaging social media content, complemented by some impressively serious video chops.

There’s nothing to lose. Whether you looking for a website/social media audit, a customized digital marketing plan, or support with implementing your own digital marketing strategy, all you have to do is ask in order to get a free consultation.

What People Say…

From our website redesign to seriously upgrading our visibility on social media, we have found Jon Leland and his ComBridges colleagues to be highly-skilled, professional, creative, and dependable. I highly recommend them to any organization that wants to increase their online visibility without the need for big investments of your own time.

Jon and his team have the strength, the capacities, the depth and the understanding of how to promote and communicate on the web in a way that builds relationships.

I think Jon knows better than anyone how to help businesses use the Internet as a powerful marketing tool. From my experience, Jon is the guy to call if you want to market your business more effectively; and, as a bonus, you will learn from a real visionary every step of the way.

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