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Our company offers leading edge strategies that include social media, video, SEO, PPC and email are all parts of digital marketing. This video will help you better understand our approach and what Jon Leland recommends as some to today’s most important digital engagement strategies >>>

Our Strategies and Teamwork Make a Difference

On-Going Digital Engagement Services for Consistency and Trust

Our digital engagement services include content marketing in the form of blog/vlog posts, email blasts, social media posts and videos. All on a consistent schedule and with best practices that optimize your online presence.

All of our packages are customized to help you achieve or surpass your specific business objectives. Please contact us to discuss options for monthly engagement services. When you do, we can provide a 3-column overview of levels of service as well as an overview document that details our unique approach.

A Great Way to Get Started: The CSO-to-Go Website & Social Media Audit

Starting with a proprietary in-take questionnaire, Jon Leland has designed this audit to be an affordable way to get expert recommendations for the most effective next steps for the development of your organization’s digital marketing presence. Cost is only $495. Please click here to request further details.

I was pleasantly surprised and very gratified by our ‘CSO-to-Go’ marketing strategy session. I was impressed by how well you had studied our website and the depth to which you perceived what we need to do. Talking to you, I could hear in your voice the experience, knowledge and your true concern for our success and the importance of powering that from our authentic value and desire to be of service.

Jon Leland has repeatedly demonstrated a knack for getting my messaging right and for extending that strategically into email, blog posts and into our website design. I have experienced on-going increases in business directly as a result of our work together.

As technology continues to push aggressively forward, we have found it increasingly difficult to stay ahead. Jon Leland and the ComBridges team have been the answer to our prayers. They have proven to us that they are internet marketing masters; and as a result of their expertise, we are seeing valuable, tangible results.

“Fantastic work! Great knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Thanks for all the expertise and the new #1 positions for our priority keywords. We’re thrilled.”

“Within the first 5 minutes of my phone consultation with Jon Leland of ComBridges, I had a page full of notes and a new vision for promoting my website. As a direct result I have already seen an increase of over 100% in traffic.”

There’s nothing to lose. Whether you looking for a website/social media audit, a customized digital marketing plan, or support with implementing your own digital marketing strategy, all you have to do is ask in order to get a free consultation.

Get Yours: Free PDF, 6 Recommended Digital Marketing Apps

Leland combridges marketing app infographic small

This PDF has Jon Leland's recommendations for his six favorite digital marketing apps in one easy-to-read, one-page reference doc. Get yours now.

To watch the video webinar where Jon Leland explains these recommendations, click here.

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