You’re Doing A.I. All Wrong! Here’s a More Creative Approach.

🤖 Dive into the Future of A.I. & Creativity with Richard Gutjahr and Jon Leland! 🤖

Join the journey through common misconceptions about A.I. with your host, media pioneer Jon Leland, as he engages in a profound conversation with the German journalist, speaker, and master storyteller, Richard Gutjahr.
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🚂 A Revolution Bigger Than the Printing Press & Steam Engine! 🚂

We stand on the precipice of a technological revolution, potentially dwarfing the impacts of the printing press and steam engine combined! It’s a chaotic, thrilling, and transformative era where, if navigated wisely, the positives can monumentally overshadow the negatives.

💡 A.I. Journaling: A Symphony of Stunning Outputs 💡

Witness the marvels of A.I. journaling, as it consistently delivers outputs that are not just stunning but also mind-blowingly creative, crafting combinations that are as unexpected as they are innovative.

🌍 Boundless Creativity: A Global Tapestry 🌍

Explore how creativity, unbounded and limitless, weaves a global tapestry, connecting minds across continents, inspiring, and being inspired, in a magnificent exchange of ideas and innovations.

⚡ Generative A.I.: The Creative Accelerant ⚡

Discover how Generative A.I. isn’t just a tool but an accelerant, propelling creative individuals to new heights, amplifying their abilities, and enabling the production of more exhilarating outputs.

🔄 A.I.: A Fundamental Shift in Our World 🔄

Contemplate the birth of A.I. as a pivotal moment in human history, altering our creative landscapes and steering the course of our collective future in unprecedented ways.

💼 A.I. Isn’t Replacing You…Unless? 💼

“Your job’s not going to be replaced by AI. It’s going to be replaced by somebody who knows how to use AI.” Navigate through the nuances of this profound statement as we dissect what AI means for our professional futures.

😃 A Future Teeming with Possibilities 😃

Benefit from Richard Gutjahr’s excitement and optimism about residing in a time brimming with technological advancements, and share in the eager anticipation of what the future, intertwined with AI and creativity, holds for us.

🔗 Join Us on Video Mojo as we unravel these threads and more, exploring the depths of AI and creativity, and pondering the profound impacts and possibilities they hold for our future!

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00:00 The keys to understanding AI’s potential

🔑 05:24 The value of experimentation and play

👉 09:12 Practicing and sharing creative content on social media can nurture creativity & inspire others

🤖 10:46 AI is creative in its own right

🚀 13:20 AI is a game-changing technology that enables universal participation and learning, surpassing expectations

🤖 16:07 Invest time in learning and experimenting with AI to become more creative

🤖 18:39 Investing in oneself and embracing the intersection of technology, AI, and liberal arts is essential for staying competitive in the workplace

🤖 21:42 Focus on how you can use AI and collaborate with others to explore its potential