We love to make helpful recommendations. The email course below is free and provides a great overview of what works in the rapidly-changing world of online video. The software tools below are ones that we use ourselves as well as for our clients (note: these are affiliate links and we only recommend tools that we use ourselves). And, Jon’s book is a primer on Internet marketing, an essential resource for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals. Enjoy!

Free Email Course:
“The 3 Pillars of a Vibrant Video Presence”

Jon Leland and Michael Kass discuss: Humanity, Technology, & Story as the 3 “pillars” of a vibrant video presence, the most effective approach to social media marketing that we know. This Mini Email Course consists of three email messages, each sequenced two days apart, each with a link to a different episode of our Video Mojo webshow and covering our best tips on these three important subjects. We created these videos because we believe they can really make a difference. Please check them out.

Book by Jon Leland:
“Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know”

In you’re just getting started with Internet Marketing and don’t know the difference between SEO and PPC, or would like a better understanding of why Facebook Ads are such a big deal, then this primer can help. Author, speaker, authority Jay Baer called it, “an extraordinarily useful guide.” There’s a reason that it has 15 five-star reviews of Amazon.

Live Streaming Software:
Ecamm Live

When our webshow, Video Mojo “grew up” to become more than a video blog, it became an on-going live streaming event. Ecamm Live’s Mac-friendly interface and built-in features won us over. We also love features like the new Interview module and the way in integrates with so that we can put comments for users on the screen from Facebook Live and YouTube Live and to stream to personal Facebook profiles as well as pages. We don’t think we would have been able to make the plunge into live streaming without the many features and ease-of-use of this important software tool.

Email Marketing for Creators:

More than just great email marketing software, ConvertKit is built for creators by creators. We love the company culture as well as the elegance of the software. While ComBridges also does work for clients on other email platforms, like MailChimp for example, ConvertKit’s tagging does a better job of audience segmentation. We also use their simple landing pages templates, and even our Links page was built in ConvertKit.