Clicks Amid Conflict: YouTube Business Success Strategies from an Inspiring Ukrainian Expert

This week’s guest on Video Mojo shares his inspiring journey of rebuilding his life and business after the devastation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After he was forced to close his coffee business, he started a video editing company from scratch and grew it to a staff of six within a year, offering valuable insights into entrepreneurship and success on YouTube.

Ukrainian entrepreneur Anton Kosheliev exemplifies the importance of persevering in business, helping others, and creating valuable, educational content to achieve success on YouTube.

He does all this despite facing the challenges of living in a war zone. Anton’s courage and just-do-it attitude are an inspiration for those of us living in much less challenging circumstances.

There’s much that we can learn from him, including his insights about what works on YouTube.

🎥 00:00 Learn how this Ukrainian entrepreneur built a successful video business in less than a year despite conflict, starting a YouTube channel and growing a team of editors.

🚀 05:28 Rather than create a virtual team, Anton hired local editors and taught them YouTube skills so they could succeed. He also recommends creating educational videos to support audience goals in their industry.

🎥 09:32 Anton recommends consistently delivering value through educational videos and prioritizing starting and improving over time rather than thinking you can achieve instant success on YouTube.

📈 12:28 For most businesses, outsourcing video editing allows for more content creation and business growth, while creating evergreen content is more valuable for building a successful YouTube channel vs YouTube Shorts.

📈 17:36 Create valuable long-form content, prioritize thumbnails for high click-through rates, and avoid becoming a slave to the algorithm if you want sustainable YouTube success.

🚀 22:45 Be inspired by how Anton started small, put his ego aside, and focused on creating a name and recognition to achieve success on YouTube despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

💡 25:25 Despite conflict and economic challenges in Ukraine, Anton emphasizes the importance of persevering in business and helping people survive.

👍 28:37 Even for someone living in a war zone, YouTube adds value for Anton by showcasing this creator’s intentions and reputation, leading to increased trust and business opportunities. Anton is an inspiration making a big difference in people’s lives.

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