Unlock Email Marketing Joy with Liz Wilcox’s Secrets to Fun & Making Money with Email

Liz Wilcox, the “fresh princess of email marketing,” and Jon Leland, media innovator since “71 and the host of “Video Mojo,” delve into the power of email and video to spread joy and creativity in cultivating community and authentic relationships.

Key insights include:
– Wilcox emphasizes human-to-human connections, advocating for authenticity and vulnerability in email communication.
– Hear recommendations to avoid the “YouTube SEO” approach in subject lines by writing as if reaching out to a friend, using a conversational tone and providing value.
– Discover how storytelling in email doesn’t necessitate elaborate narratives; simple personal updates can effectively connect with readers.
– Wilcox promotes low-cost community offerings to foster inclusivity and allow more people access to her knowledge and expertise.
– Concise and bite-sized emails are encouraged, with a focus on providing valuable information and prompting action from readers.
– The framework for creating a successful email welcome sequence includes showcasing personality, sharing one’s vision for clients, and communicating values.
– A free guide with 52 subject lines, email templates, and examples for effective email marketing is offered.
– Wilcox’s emphasis on community, inclusivity, and value
-driven pricing aligns with her long-term vision for her business.
– She encourages finding creative outlets and embracing joy in the process of video and email creation.
– Wilcox’s belief is that everyone has the right to learn, which influences her pricing strategy and commitment to inclusivity.

More from Liz: https://lizwilcox.com/

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Clicks Amid Conflict: YouTube Business Success Strategies from an Inspiring Ukrainian Expert

This week’s guest on Video Mojo shares his inspiring journey of rebuilding his life and business after the devastation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. After he was forced to close his coffee business, he started a video editing company from scratch and grew it to a staff of six within a year, offering valuable insights into entrepreneurship and success on YouTube.

Ukrainian entrepreneur Anton Kosheliev exemplifies the importance of persevering in business, helping others, and creating valuable, educational content to achieve success on YouTube.

He does all this despite facing the challenges of living in a war zone. Anton’s courage and just-do-it attitude are an inspiration for those of us living in much less challenging circumstances.

There’s much that we can learn from him, including his insights about what works on YouTube.

🎥 00:00 Learn how this Ukrainian entrepreneur built a successful video business in less than a year despite conflict, starting a YouTube channel and growing a team of editors.

🚀 05:28 Rather than create a virtual team, Anton hired local editors and taught them YouTube skills so they could succeed. He also recommends creating educational videos to support audience goals in their industry.

🎥 09:32 Anton recommends consistently delivering value through educational videos and prioritizing starting and improving over time rather than thinking you can achieve instant success on YouTube.

📈 12:28 For most businesses, outsourcing video editing allows for more content creation and business growth, while creating evergreen content is more valuable for building a successful YouTube channel vs YouTube Shorts.

📈 17:36 Create valuable long-form content, prioritize thumbnails for high click-through rates, and avoid becoming a slave to the algorithm if you want sustainable YouTube success.

🚀 22:45 Be inspired by how Anton started small, put his ego aside, and focused on creating a name and recognition to achieve success on YouTube despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

💡 25:25 Despite conflict and economic challenges in Ukraine, Anton emphasizes the importance of persevering in business and helping people survive.

👍 28:37 Even for someone living in a war zone, YouTube adds value for Anton by showcasing this creator’s intentions and reputation, leading to increased trust and business opportunities. Anton is an inspiration making a big difference in people’s lives.

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My 6 Favorite Digital Marketing Apps. Webinar Video + Free PDF

Researching, testing and figuring out “what’s the best app for that?” is part of my job.

I also LOVE sharing information and being helpful. Recently I hosted a video webinar where I shared the six digital marketing apps that I use daily for myself and for my clients. I’m writing this blog post to share this webinar video recording with you.

Also, please scroll down, because there are links below to the apps themselves as well as to other resources that I mention during the webinar. Enjoy!

FYI, the initial presentation with demos and info about all six apps is about 30 minutes in length. It is followed by about 15 minutes of edited Q&A.

Get Yours: Free PDF, 6 Recommended Digital Marketing Apps

This PDF has Jon Leland's recommendations for his six favorite digital marketing apps in one easy-to-read, one-page reference doc. Get yours now.

To watch the video webinar where Jon Leland explains these recommendations, click here.

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For your convenience, here are the direct links to the applications that I talked about during this webinar:

Squarespace for Websites:
Blog Post: https://www.combridges.com/small-business-website-design…/
My 15-minute (recorded) webinar on Squarespace https://youtu.be/eOjMgce2E2A

ConvertKit for Email:
Affiliate link: http://mbsy.co/convertkit/76357
Blog Post: https://www.combridges.com/email-marketing-conversations…/

Canva for Social Media Graphics:

Soapbox for Low Budget Video Production:

Zoom for Video Webinars:

Thinkific Online Classes:

If you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you via any medium you choose including this contact form or via any of the social media networking links at the top of this page.

Thanks for reading and/or watching! 🙂

The Marketing Power of a More Human Web

What Makes the Biggest Difference? People Who LOVE to Help Others.

Some things should not be counter-intuitive, but they are.

The fact is that, despite the “muddy waters” created by “get rich quick” hucksters on the web, the web that I know and love is populated by some really good people who love to help others with their online businesses.

Yes, while it is true that the internet has many trolls and political “flames,” with this blog post, I would like to illuminate, via example, the dynamics of “the more human web.” It’s where I prefer to hang out, and it’s full of people and businesses actively creating meaningful, valuable relationships.

When Authenticity Pops-Up at You

Here’s a little story—and a new online course platform that I’ve discovered. It illustrates the fun and exciting ways that humanity can intersect digital marketing and business.

Recently, I was researching options for hosting an online course. Thanks to a referral by a new email provider, ConvertKit, that I’m using to segment and better target my various email lists, I stumbled upon the online course hosting platform, Coach.

As I arrived at the Coach website, in the usual way, I was immediately greeted by a live chat.

Because of my conversational nature, however cautiously (because these kinds of chats are not often useful), I began interacting with Spencer, the rep on the other side of the live chat. I presumed that Spencer was an agent, employed by Coach to help the sales process.

However, as we chatted, the banter was above average and his joyful enthusiasm for his online course platform seemed more authentic than I would have expected. He seemed authentically interested in helping. And then, much to my surprise, it wasn’t long before Spencer made it clear that he is one of the founders of the company.

How many founders have you seen on the front lines of customer service? I was impressed.

The truth emerged that Coach is committed to authentic engagement and exemplary personalized customer service, and their founder was walking his talk on the front lines. What more can you ask than to have a founder on the live chat, instantly ready to assist you?!? And, beyond my own instincts, the truth of Spencer’s authenticity was brought home when I discovered his enthusiasm for helping entrepreneurs via his personal blog post, “Why I started Coach: The 3 reasons I decided to launch my 4th company.” Both reasons #2 and #3 are about loving to help people.

Relationship Marketing: More Than a Buzzword

This is precisely what relationship marketing is about: The Relationship. And when it manifests organically like this, it isn’t a tactic. It’s not something that you can fake. It requires a company culture when the players genuinely care about the potential clients and how they can authentically help them. This goes WAY beyond tracking “engagement statistics.”

For me, when you find it at a company and a quality of service like I’ve experienced at Coach, I naturally want to become an advocate. Right here, right now, it’s fun for me to share with you about how this personal relationship evolved out of what is more often a mundane sales interaction.

Isn’t it only right that when you find this kind of relationship, you stay loyal to it and you tell others about it?

This concept is so simple, yet so few people actually make it a reality.

Taking Our Relationship to the Next Level

I’ve heard it said that what you focus on expands. I know the kind of web that I want. One that is built on authentic relationships. Thus, as a result, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Spencer and have begun to experiment with Coach (my book, “Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know” is already available via Coach here, and online courses on Squarespace website creation and Social Media for Social Action are in the works.)

And, more immediately (drum roll please), I’m also going a step further! Next Thursday, June 8th, Spencer will be my special guest on a Social Video Sandbox Session (my somewhat regular informal webinar-style interviews) where we will be sharing insights about online course creation. I hope you will join us and get to know both of us better!

Marketing Tip: I’m finding these kinds of live streaming video sessions to be a great way to extend relationships with members of my lists and online communities who are interested. More info and the opportunity to join us, click here.

The Real Bottom Line

It’s been a long held value and a core operating principle of mine that “business is about relationships.” When I speak and lead workshops (and also in my book), I articulate the fundamental goal of digital marketing to be “building authentic, long term, sustainable relationships.” Without that, I don’t think we are building a better world, no matter how much money we might make.

So, please be one of those people on the web that is doing good. When you do, you will find that you are part of wonderful networks or tribes of people that are doing likewise by “paying it forward.” If you’re not already working and playing in this way, try it. You’ll like it. It feels good and it works.

More importantly, this approach, in my opinion, is what makes doing business worthwhile.

I look forward to your comments please!