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Keynote Speaker: Jon Leland

I would highly recommend Jon Leland as a keynote speaker to any organization seeking a strategic understanding in this sector. Jon was perfectly on-target for my audience. Our conferees were most attentive and engaged during Jon’s thought-provoking presentation. Jon’s presentation skills are exemplary and Jon clearly articulates his core messages while his media keenly illustrates his perspective.

Internet Marketing Workshop:

Mastering the Social Media Marketing Mix

How to Use the Latest New Media Marketing Tools & Techniques for Social Media Success

A half-day workshop with Jon Leland, President & Creative Director, ComBridges; and Author, “Internet Marketing: 8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know.”

Internet Marketing Keynote:

8 Key Concepts Every Business MUST Know

An uplifting call to action, this keynote illuminates and provides take-aways on key Internet marketing disciplines from SEO to social media and from video to sustainable relationship building. Based on Jon Leland’s ebook of this same title, these ingredients are presented with an integrated style and substance that is not available elsewhere.


Catching the Social Video Wave: The next generation of digital marketing

Nothing communicates your authenticity like video. From YouTube to video webinars to Facebook Live and more, video via social media has taken on new “super powers” and digital marketing will never be the same. In this one-hour “lunch and learn,” he will share insights and tips on the latest and greatest strategies that will help you (and your clients) leverage this new online communications power.

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