It is not an over-statement to say that the “sea change” in social media and Internet marketing has revolutionized the world of marketing communications. Fundamental changes include both the kinds of connections that marketers can make with customers and/or prospects as well as the innovative ways that these customers can be reached and that long-term relationships can be developed.

In this half-day workshop, Jon Leland’s enthusiastic and enlightening presentation style and state-of-the-art visuals will be used to illuminate key contextual distinctions while also offering a literal array of strategic tips and techniques that can enable any organization—from the largest multi-national corporation to the smallest “solopreneur”—to successfully leverage the opportunities that are presented by the new social media-powered marketing world.

Jon’s presentation illuminated the reasons why business needs to be in the social media space in such an articulate way that I’ve not seen before. I learned a lot and now I have a much better understanding how we could use Social Media to add value to our business.

A New Zealand participant

When you attend this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why Content Marketing has become Mission Critical for virtually every organization
  • The Best Practices of Creating Sustainable & Active Facebook Pages
  • Why “Lead Nurturing” is the Next Generation of Email Marketing
  • The Secrets of “SEO 2.0”: Social Media Optimization including Collaborative Link Building
  • How Authentic Voice is the “Heart” of New Marketing
  • How to Use YouTube Videos as Lead Capture Magnets
  • How Blogging is Best Utilized as the Hub of your Social Media communications
  • The Best Ways to Leverage LinkedIn as Your Business-to-Business social media channel
  • Why Twitter is most valuable including the use of Twitter for lead acquisition and market research

This workshop is packed with actionable information. You will come away with a fresh, energizing perspective and a list of next steps that you can take to increase your organization’s online visibility. Most importantly, you will learn how to effectively attract and engage new prospective customers and generate new revenue.