Unlock Email Marketing Joy with Liz Wilcox’s Secrets to Fun & Making Money with Email

Liz Wilcox, the “fresh princess of email marketing,” and Jon Leland, media innovator since “71 and the host of “Video Mojo,” delve into the power of email and video to spread joy and creativity in cultivating community and authentic relationships.

Key insights include:
– Wilcox emphasizes human-to-human connections, advocating for authenticity and vulnerability in email communication.
– Hear recommendations to avoid the “YouTube SEO” approach in subject lines by writing as if reaching out to a friend, using a conversational tone and providing value.
– Discover how storytelling in email doesn’t necessitate elaborate narratives; simple personal updates can effectively connect with readers.
– Wilcox promotes low-cost community offerings to foster inclusivity and allow more people access to her knowledge and expertise.
– Concise and bite-sized emails are encouraged, with a focus on providing valuable information and prompting action from readers.
– The framework for creating a successful email welcome sequence includes showcasing personality, sharing one’s vision for clients, and communicating values.
– A free guide with 52 subject lines, email templates, and examples for effective email marketing is offered.
– Wilcox’s emphasis on community, inclusivity, and value
-driven pricing aligns with her long-term vision for her business.
– She encourages finding creative outlets and embracing joy in the process of video and email creation.
– Wilcox’s belief is that everyone has the right to learn, which influences her pricing strategy and commitment to inclusivity.

More from Liz: https://lizwilcox.com/

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