The astounding growth of the Internet has slashed the effectiveness of formerly dependable marketing channels. At the same time, the Internet has also enabled highly-targeted, cost-effective and remarkably accountable forms of marketing that simply didn’t exist before. Any company that wants to attract and retain customers now needs to be mapping out and implementing an effective Internet marketing strategy.
This keynote/workshop lays the foundation for a practical understanding of the key components of internet marketing, including:

  • The “Super-Market Trends” that have radically leveled the marketing playing field
  • The two essential strategies upon which all successful Internet marketing campaigns are based
  • The three main types of Internet marketing: search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and social media marketing (SMM)
  • A comparative analysis of the time requirements for implementation, the kinds and quality of results, and the cost-per-lead that is derived from each main category of internet marketing
  • Valuable tips and resources derived from real world experience

Leland’s expertise and enthusiasm leads listeners to actionable take-aways that any business can use to enhance its internet marketing campaigns, while also helping to improve customer relationship building via the Web.

Jon Leland has been a keynote speaker for over a dozen years. In addition to the inspirational keynotes that he has given for Inc magazine and other conferences where he has focused on the exciting frontiers and opportunities for businesses to leverage the cutting edge technologies, he is currently passionately pursuing the inspiring life lessons that he has learned from golf.

“The unique combination of his expert knowledge and articulate, energetic presentation style make Jon Leland stand out. His background in video and other forms of electronic communications along with his obvious passion for the new medium of the World Wide Web makes him a dynamic presenter who has repeatedly made a big difference at our conferences.”

“Jon Leland’s webinar offered important information that is not necessarily obvious to a non-profit organization such as ours. The fact of how little time a typical user will spend inside the site (10 secs.) before moving on is critical to having a design that captures someone’s attention immediately. Also, gaining an understanding of the importance of using keywords to attract a wider audience was very valuable. Jon’s broad knowledge and ability to explain technical concepts in plain understandable language made the experience extremely powerful and useful. Highly recommended.”