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Podcast Channel Broadens with More Corporate Podcasters (IBM)

This podcast thing is getting interesting enuf 4 me to be planning something coming “real soon”… stay tuned; and meanwhile I guess there’s momentum to consider Apple’s “next generation radio” as an interesting channel for corporate marketing communications. The latest entrant: IBM. And nobody ever got fired for copying IBM, or was that for hiring Microsoft 😉 Read more about the corporate podcast offerings of IBM and others.

Apple’s Approach to Podcasting Appropriately Promoted by Pogue (NYTimes)

The New York Times’ excellent Mac-friendly technology columnist, David Pogue has further illuminated the podscape by agreeing with my comment below… awright he says a whole lot more and says it better… illuminating how the elegant integration of podcasts in Apple’s iTunes 4.9 has moved this new form of audio communication (Next Gen Radio) a whole lot closer to the mainstream. I was particularly tickled to read about how Microsoft folk are using the term “blogcasting” so that they don’t have to reinforce the iPod’s stranglehold on all things Pod. The title, In One Stroke, Podcasting Hits Mainstream, may be a bit overstated; but, IMHO, his article is a mighty fine read. Well done as usual, Mr. Pogue.

NBC & A Podcasting Reality Check

I don’t think I’ve posted yet how impressed I am with Apple’s easy-to-use integration of the ability to subscribe to podcasts right within iTunes 4.9, but just the same I’ve been skeptical about podcasting’s ability to become (as Apple says) “The next generation of radio.” My thinking being somewhat along the lines of the comments by Mark Cuban referenced in an earlier post (below).

However, I have to admit that I was surprised to happen to catch the end of tonight’s rerun of today’s Meet the Press and find Tim Russert (with some embarrassment) promoting that program’s new podcast. (Of course, this is also a reflection of increased web competition between broadcast networks… see post below re CBS.)

Bottom line, this media moment reminded me of the old days (5 or so years ago) when I’d see a commercial web site’s URL on TV and took it as confirmation that the Web really was becoming an important medium. Maybe podcasting will become important too? Maybe it really is the happy media marriage of Tivo’s “any time you want it” with the iPod’s (and any other portable digital media player’s) “any place you want it.”

Whadda you think?

Podcasting: A more sober view (and more)

Who woulda thunk that wildman NBA Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would be the one to provide the most sober overview of the podcasting trend I’ve seen, but he did. Also, of interest to blog fans, Cuban announced the reincarnation of his blog-oriented search engine (formerly IceRocket, now BlogScour), not to mention a fun bit of Dot-Bomb memorabilia about the day 7 years ago when went public. As always, Cuban continues to be, IMHO, a pioneer of interest on the digital frontier. Just lay off those reality shows, Mark.

Podcasting update from Steve Jobs & Washington Post

Here’s are some current stats and perspective from Steve Jobs re podcasting as reported by the Washington Post.

Jobs Reveals iTunes Tuning into Podcasts

I admit to being a Steve Jobs fan, so you won’t be surprised that I think he’s making (yet another) smart move by incorporating podcasts into this summer’s update to the iTunes software. Why not make his killer app more sticky? Makes sense to me. Or to quote Apple (and Pixar)’s master of promotion, in his usually under-stated manner, “Already millions of people are subscribing to these podcasts, I think this is going to send it into orbit.”

More info from including coverage of comments by Bill Gates & more

Blogs and Podcasts: Hot Links

I can’t stay away. While blogs and
podcasts are not quite revolutionary, they represent a continued evolution of media towards democratization, which is something that I believe in. Today, I enjoyed reading a feature article in the New York Times, “A Blog Revolution? Get a Grip” covering
the commercial cream of the blogging crop, and listening to an interview podcast on podcasting (May 6th edition) on the latest developments in that emerging sector (not quite an industry yet) on (The picture above is editor, Alex Williams.) If you want a better understanding of the evolution of these two new media forms, these are recommended reading and listening, IMHO.

Podcasting is, like, SO “last week”! Meet PSPCasting

Could the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) be the next iPod? Maybe. In any case, it’s already being used for a new kind of video broadcasting that is built on the inspiration of podcasting (see earlier posts in this blog). The facilitating technology is a new PSP-compatible video format called PSP Video 9 and the new phenom is illuminated in this article, Meet PSPCasting (Podcasts? So Last Week) from ClickZ Network.

Wired: The End of Radio… Really!

Right. Podcasting is just a piece of the replacement of radio by “on-demand audio.” Thanks to Tivo, podcasting and a slew of other digital technologies, combined with smaller, cheaper, faster electronics, media is finally coming into a new generation where we can see and hear what we want, when we want it. Thank goodness!

IMHO, Wired magazine is back and getting better and their recent cover story on this trend is more evidence of that editorial success. I don’t mind that every month they publish something from one of the most important intellectuals writing about digital rights et al, Lawrence Lessig. He’s well worth following.Read the coverage from the Wired cover story. It’s already online.