How Can ChatGPT & AI Help You Make Your Business Better? – Guest: Marketing Strategist, David Boyle

Powerful business advice on how to use ChatGPT & AI to grow your business and improve your marketing from marketing strategist and author, David Boyle, in conversation with media pioneer and Video Mojo host, Jon Leland.

David is Director at Audience Strategies, an agency that helps brands use a deep understanding of their audiences to drive growth, and he is also co-author of the PROMPT books, which are practical guides to business growth using ChatGPT.

In this interview:

🌐 AI can help make business communications clearer, sharper, and easier to produce, providing a valuable advantage in the competitive landscape.

💥 AI has the power to revolutionize businesses and make tasks quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

💪 The use of ChatGPT in professional writing tasks resulted in better work produced more quickly, with more self-confidence and more time for strategic editing and refining.

💡 “AI gets you 70 or 80 percent of the way, but you should never take AI’s output as the gospel, always edit, refine, fact check, and enhance AI’s output.” – David Boyle

💡 The best use of data is to deeply understand the audience and their needs, allowing for better decision-making and creative work.

🌟 The power of ChatGPT lies in its ability to help businesses meet the underlying needs of their target audience, guiding them in developing products, experiences, and marketing communications that resonate with their customers.

🚀 AI can recommend next steps for businesses to take based on the issues discussed, potentially improving decision-making processes.

🎵 “Don’t worry about falling behind because once you use AI, you’ll be amplified more than everybody else and still be at the front of the pack.”

💡 The capabilities of AI are exciting and empowering for humankind, providing access to incredible intelligence and the ability to think as clearly as a chief executive, making a significant difference in people’s lives.

💪 AI is a superpower that can be used for good, but it’s crucial to address the issue of bad actors and ensure that it is harnessed responsibly.

Links mentioned:

MIT study on AI use:…

Website app that combines ChatGPT & Claude:

Mo Gawdat on Prof G pod: (July 13th, 2023 episode)

David’s links:

Time stamps for key content:

2:50 The Dangers of AI

4:25 Importance of editing & fact-checking AI output

6:15 What’s different about marketing strategy now?

8:08 How to use AI as a thought partner re audience research, sample prompt

12:46 Number 1 prompt to get started with using ChatGPT as a business coach

14:40 The pros and cons of ChatGPT, Claude, & other models and AI apps, including

17:20 Dangers of AI: bad actors, misinformation, and an important warning

21:20 How AI amplifies creative abilities

22:30 Ethical dilemma of copyright issues

25:08 Job market, job losses, and the advantages offered

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