Meaningful Social Media Marketing: Why Being Valuable Must Come Before Making Money

In this video, my Video Mojo guest is Kevon Cheung, a successful entrepreneur, community builder, and author of “Find Joy in Chaos: How to Build Your Twitter Presence so Connections and Opportunities Come Find You.”

Our conversation revolves around the importance of building in public, transparency, and community.

Kevon shares his journey as a creator and his previous experience running a SaaS company, which despite being funded, did not achieve the growth he desired. This led him to walk away from the company around the same time, he was about to become a father. He realized he wanted to make a dramatic pivot and recognized the importance of building a personal brand and a reputation that could compound over time.

This led Kevon to investigate and develop his thoughtful approach to building a personal brand and writing online. He offers valuable lessons learned from these entrepreneurial experiences.

At the core of his endeavors over the last two and a half years is the concept of “building in public” where he emphasizes that the number of followers or the size of an email list does not fully define success. Instead, he believes that the value one provides and the authenticity one maintains are more critical.

Throughout the video, we both highlight the importance of patience, authenticity, and providing value in social media marketing. We discuss how these elements can lead to building a thriving and authentic community.

This entire conversation underscores the importance of being value-driven in today’s digital landscape.

Kevon’s links: ⁠


Find Joy in Chaos⁠ (book)


Here are some key points made in the video with their timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction and Kevon’s background, his journey as a creator, and his approach to building his personal brand.

05:00 – Discussion on the concept of “building in public” and the importance of providing value and maintaining authenticity.

10:00 – Kevon shares his financial journey as a creator, his monthly revenue, and the importance of patience.

15:00 – The role of Twitter, Kevon and I share our thoughts on other platforms like Threads, and the importance of scheduling tweets to deliver better value.

20:00 – The value of community building on Twitter and the distinction between customers and partners.

25:00 – Kevon talks about email courses, how they help in community building, and his approach to offering value without directly selling anything.

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