Amazing AI-Powered Video Apps. 🎥 How Were MidJourney & RunwayML Used to Go Viral?

In this Video Mojo exclusive, we delve into the fascinating world of how AI can be used for creative experimentation.

I talk with Nicolas Neubert, who I met on X / Twitter as part of #aicommunity. In this conversation, he illuminates his breakthrough project, “Genesis,” a concept movie trailer, and how he used the power of two AI apps, MidJourney and RunwayML to bring his cinematic vision to life. He also shares his music source and the free video editing software he chose to use despite his expertise with more advanced software.

To his own amazement, this project has gone viral and was featured on CNN and in Forbes.

Nicolas, a product designer at Volkswagen by day, has always been drawn to the realms of art and creativity. In this inspiring endeavor, he takes us on a creative adventure through how he created the “Genesis” concept movie trailer leveraging these two leading-edge AI tools, MidJourney and RunwayML.

Discover how Nicholas seamlessly blends his expertise in design with his passion for visual storytelling. Uncover the secrets behind his creative process as he shares insights into how AI can be harnessed for artistic expression.

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@iamneubert on X

YouTube: Genesis – Official Trailer (Midjourne…  

Nicolas’s tweet on The Making of “Genesis” faux movie trailer using MidJourney and RunwayML

Forbes article about this project

CNN story on RunwayML



PixaBay Music

CapCut Video Editor (or mobile app)


The key idea of the video is that AI-powered video apps like MidJourney and RunwayML provide a creative and efficient way for individuals and companies to generate viral videos, while also emphasizing the importance of human judgment and experimentation in the creative process.

00:00 🎥 A product designer at Volkswagen used MidJourney and RunwayML to create an AI-generated movie trailer, showcasing the power of AI video generative technology.

07:45 🎥 The speaker used AI to create a viral video by mapping images and beats to a track, embracing the randomness of AI in the creative process.

12:22 🎥 AI-powered video apps bring both creativity and challenges, allowing creative individuals to generate art and stories while emphasizing the importance of human judgment and incorporating happy accidents into the creative process.

17:27 📹 The positive and supportive mid-journey community on Twitter inspired people to try out video apps like MidJourney and RunwayML, leading to increased video sharing and benefiting everyone involved.

21:43 🎥 Cap Cut, a free video editing software, was used to create a trailer using MidJourney, RunwayML, and a music program, simplifying the film production process.

25:38 🎥 The speaker used AI-powered video apps to create a viral video by generating images, crafting a story, and adding key shots, while emphasizing the importance of experimentation and original content.

33:33 🎥 The speaker discusses the idea of creating a viral video using AI-powered video apps, emphasizing the importance of sticking to the original idea, embracing randomness, and including both portrait and action shots.

37:50 🎥 AI-powered video apps like MidJourney and RunwayML save time and money by allowing companies to quickly create proof of concept videos, test audience engagement, and explore creative ideas in animation and filmmaking, providing an opportunity for everyone to embrace their creativity and gain an edge in their industry.

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