How to Have Creative Fun by Learning to Surf the AI Marketing Tsunami with Frank Prendergast

In the face of all of AI’s dangers, my Video Mojo guest Frank Prendergast and I discuss the opportunities to use AI for creative fun and as a marketing enhancer. But we don’t put our heads in the sand either.

We confront AI’s limitations, including the fact that AI cannot replace the human component of creativity, nor can it build authentic trust with an audience.

Most importantly, we agree that getting to know AI—yes, through playful experimentation—is a crucial skill to develop in today’s rapidly changing world.


00:00 Having fun is crucial in content marketing.

04:54 Be cautious of AI’s potential dangers and stay aware that it cannot replace the human component of the creative process.

08:19 Surf the AI marketing tsunami, support regulation initiatives, and have fun while preparing for a future where human involvement may not be necessary in certain domains.

10:35 Learn how Frank used AI tools to create a retro 80s music video, including turning still images into animated avatars synced with the song’s lyrics.

14:41 AI has the potential to democratize creativity and empower people in the developing world.

17:59 The impact of AI on creative ownership is uncertain.

21:35 Content creators must infuse their own humanity into their work.

24:52 AI in marketing is becoming increasingly important, allowing for more time to focus on enjoyable aspects and creating a better experience for the audience.


Frank Predergast

Frank’s MidJourney/BeatBot/D-ID music video –    • Dreamy Pop Swirl  

Two A.I. books mentioned:

Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom

Scary Smart by Mo Gawdat

MidJourney, image generation AI

BeatBot, instant song generation AI

D-ID, photo-to-video AI

Elyse Myers on TikTok

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