How Can You Expand Your Creativity with Help from ChatGPT & AI?

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On this episode of Video Mojo, host Jon Leland discusses the creative use of AI technologies like ChatGPT with guest, authentic business coach, George Kao.

They discuss why using AI as a brainstorming or creativity partner is not plagiarism.

They mention Mid Journey 5.2, a new AI-generated art release, and the legal disputes and challenges surrounding it. They also describe how AI can make it easier for people to express their humanity through creative endeavors like art and how it will become ubiquitous.

George and Jon also share their own personal experiences using AI to enhance their creativity and emphasize the importance of embracing AI and learning how to use it effectively as the “career opportunity of our lifetime.”

Apps mentioned:


George’s AI Course:
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Key points with timestamps:

1:44 – Creativity is amplified by AI. Call it “Amplified Intelligence.”

4:33 – Dialog with AI-generated voices using

7:07 – AI enhances creativity as a brainstorming tool.

11:04 – ChatGPT for first drafts and business plans.

14:49 – How can AI can amplify creativity, understanding, and efficiency?

20:07 – AI is version 2.0 version of the Internet.

22:17 – AI art is becoming super realistic.

25:44 – Both humans and AI create art based on a “predictive model.”